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    Discover fall’s best page-turners as recommended by the Amazon Books Editorial Team

    Discover fall’s best page-turners as recommended by the Amazon Books Editorial Team Amazon.com announced its annual Big Fall Books Preview that features the best new books readers will want to curl up with as the weather cools and the leaves change color. The Amazon Books Editors read hundreds of titles to handpick their annual list of the hottest blockbusters of the season. The Amazon Big Fall Books Preview also highlights the season’s most anticipated releases in genres including: … [Read More...]


    Ada Pasternak appearing at the Metropolitan Room Tuesday October 12.

    Born in Russia, Ada immigrated to the States at the age of 6, when she began her classical training on the violin. Upon auditioning for the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Ada was awarded a full scholarship, and it was the environment and experiences there that inspired her to discover her ability and passion for songwriting. Ada is a violin virtuoso who has created her own unique genre, combining her vocal talents, violin mastery and songwriting prowess for an outstanding pop melding. … [Read More...]


    Dan Weber, The Association of Mature American Citizens

    SENIORS ON FIXED INCOMES DENIED 1% COST OF LIVING INCREASE The following is a statement by AMAC on the topic of Seniors on fixed incomes being denied a 1% Cost of Living Increase. Interviews upon request. www.amac.us and www.amacfoundation.com “Fixed income seniors suffer while the Obama administration offers unemployment payments for up to six full months even though it is a clear cut disincentive for job seekers. The administration, it seems, is unwilling to give the jobless the motivation … [Read More...]


    What Does Peace Mean To You? The Book

    What Does Peace Mean To You? The Book! by Paul Sladkus We are starting with a soft launch on our own website and social networks. This copy still needs some corrections and additions, especially in the notes. Please share any comments with me at paul.sladkus@goodnewsbroadcast.com. I will make sure that anyone who purchases the book now for $4.99 will receive the final copy for free. Next, I will be putting the book on Ingram Spark/Amazon and over 35,000 distribution locations. Then … [Read More...]


    All we are saying…………….

    Yoko Ono and the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus brought out thousands of people to come together and create a human peace sign in Central Park. Presented by Canon U.S.A, Inc., Juniper Networks, Montblanc and NAMM, this aerial shot was provided by FlyNYON and taken using Canon equipment. … [Read More...]


    Dr. Daryl Gioffre :: Chiropractor of New York

    Dr. Daryl Gioffre is a chiropractor, alkaline lifestyle expert, health coach, certified raw food chef, triathlete, ultra-marathoner, author, and lecturer who uses innovative technology and cutting-edge nutrition to achieve and maintain an OPTIMAL level of health and energy. Dr. Daryl’s dedication began when his own athletic career was restored through the power of chiropractic following a serious injury he sustained while playing soccer for the United States Under 20 Men’s National Soccer … [Read More...]


    Claudia Bayr Nobel –

    DreamsIntoActions services holistically-minded professionals and entrepreneurs to find success through balance, purpose and fulfillment. Its founder Claudia Bayr-Nobel says: The solutions to our problems are not in the problems. They are within us. When it comes to Peace - We need to BE PEACE in order to create peace. To respect each other’s Power - P To Be our greatest potential of Energy - E To allow the flow of … [Read More...]


    Sizzle Reel for our 2015 Peace Day Party

    Celebrations in Times Square 9/15 (Press Conference), Central Park 9/20 & Cadman Plaza/Brooklyn War Memorial 9/21. Here is the link for viewing or to share with others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX5G6PGZIl8 Supporting those doing Good by helping others live peacefully with our focus on Children. Integral to the broadcast is that it includes over 60 messages of organizations/ celebrities (Go to: www.peacedayparty.org to see list) that help create a peaceful world and share how they do … [Read More...]


    Press Conference Times Square: Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer Proclaims International Day of Peace At Press Conference in Times Square 9/15/15, Pope Francis Shares a Message….

    Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer Proclaims International Day of Peace At Press Conference in Times Square 9/15/15, Events to be held in Central Park 9/20 & Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn, War Memorial 9/21 Brooklyn, NY – www.goodnewsplanet.com invites you to be part of historic world broadcast to strengthen the message for International Day of Peace in Times Square, Central Park, and Cadman Plaza/Brooklyn War Memorial (Your invited to Brooklyn as well). 193 UN Countries have agreed, 610 … [Read More...]

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