About Sheri Wagner

Sheri entertains with her voice and swingin’ guitar. The repertoire is a mix of swing, blues, country, and covers of Bob Dylan, Beatles, Bonnie Raitt and more. She performs mostly solo on her D’aquisto guitar….comping, finger pickin’, running bass lines and holding down the fort. She also performs as a duo with her bass player and trio with bass and sax/clarinet. You can see Sheri twice a month in NYC at Delta Grill and Cafe Mae Mae. Dates to follow. She also gets around to senior centers and hospitals playing her good old timey standards or 60s motown tunes. At Club Med, Sheri’s list will include the crowd pleaser pop hits as well. This is the photo off the cover from my live CD, which you are listening to right now – that night’s performance!! https://videos.whiteblox.com/gnb/secure/player.aspx?sid=47322