Important! Important New research shows that people 50+ should get the
“Pneumonia Vaccine”!

Subject: 60 sec PSAs-Features about Pneumonia Vaccine for 50+ and Older Adults
Age is a state of mind, except when it comes to your immune system. On behalf of Pfizer, an official with the American Lung Association, a former U.S. surgeon general, and golf professional Jim Furyk discuss how older adults should find out if they need to be vaccinated against “pneumococcal pneumonia”.

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, yet the features are evergreen.

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:60 Feature – Dr. Norm Edelman, American Lung Association

:60 Feature – Dr. Regina Benjamin, former U.S. Surgeon General
(African American version)

:60 Feature – Jim Furyk, golf professional
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:60 Script for Dr. Edelman, American Lung Association
Age is a state-of-mind—except when it comes to your immune-system: Adults as young as 50 are at increased risk for serious infectious-diseases—like “pneumococcal pneumonia”—because of their aging immune-systems. A recent “Harris Poll”—conducted for the “American Lung Association” and “Pfizer”, of one-thousand U-S adults—found 85-percent of adults age-50 to -75 believe people their age are at risk for “pneumococcal pneumonia”. But, only half believe they’re personally at risk. Doctor Norm Edelman—senior scientific-advisor to the “Lung Association”…

“It’s estimated that a quarter-of-a-million Americans, over 50, are hospitalized, each year, with ‘pneumococcal pneumonia’—with an average hospital-stay of five days. Even otherwise-healthy and -active older-adults need to be aware of their increased risk—because of their aging immune-systems.”

If you’re 50 or older, talk to your doctor about your personal risk for “pneumococcal pneumonia”—and see if you’re up-to-date on your vaccinations. Learn more at “who-pneu”-dot-com; that’s “w-h-o-p-n-e-u”-dot-com. Brought to you by the “American Lung Association”, in partnership with “Pfizer”.

:60 Script for Dr. Regina Benjamin, former U.S. Surgeon General
Adults age-65-plus are at increased risk for vaccine-preventable diseases—like “pneumococcal pneumonia”—because our immune-systems weaken, as we age. Worse still, vaccination-rates among African-American adults are lagging—leaving them at greater risk for vaccine-preventable diseases, like flu, shingles, or “pneumococcal pneumonia”. Former Surgeon-General, Doctor Regina Benjamin, explains…

“African-Americans are more likely to suffer from certain chronic health-conditions—leaving us at increased risk for certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Despite this, far-fewer older African-Americans than their White counterparts report receiving preventive health-services—such as vaccinations. I urge all African-American adults age-65-plus to know their risks—and [to] think prevention: Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, wash your hands frequently, and talk to your doctor—to ensure that you’re up-to-date on all your vaccinations.”

This message was brought to you by “Pfizer”.

:60 Script for Jim Furyk, golf professional
Golf-professional, Jim Furyk [“fyur-ick”], has had his coach and father, Mike, by his side—throughout his impressive career. But, now that Mike’s getting older, Jim is encouraging him to be more proactive—when it comes to his health…

“I wouldn’t be near the golfer—or man—[that] I am today without my dad. And now, it’s time for me to coach him, about taking personal responsibility for his health. Just like overcoming the hazards along a golf-course, understanding your risk for potentially serious infectious-diseases—like ‘pneumococcal pneumonia’—can help you stay on-course.”

“Pneumococcal pneumonia” is a potentially serious and life-threatening illness. Even healthy adults over 65 are at increased risk—because our immune-system naturally weakens with age…

“Vaccines aren’t just for kids: As you and your parents age, consider the importance of adult-vaccination. And, if you’re 65 or older, speak with a doctor or pharmacist—to make sure [that] you’re up-to-date, on ‘C-D-C’-recommended vaccines.”

For more, visit “know-pneumonia”-dot-com; that’s “k-n-o-w-pneumonia”-dot-com. Sponsored by “Pfizer”.