The Autoimmune Fix: How to Stop the Hidden Autoimmune Damage that Keeps You Sick, Fat and Tired Before It Turns into Disease


Breakthrough Book Demystifies the Immune System and the Maze of Auto-Immunity to Help Guide Readers on Clear Path Towards Vibrant Health
Are you listening to the messages your body is giving? Your immune system is a powerful force that is designed to protect you, sending you signals when it is time to make an adjustment.

The problem is that too often doctors tell us that we are “fine,” or that our headaches and weight gain are caused simply by stress. These symptoms are not normal, and may indicate a current or potential autoimmune condition that can only get worse if not addressed. Focusing on tried-and-tested solutions to not only help you feel better, but heal the inflammation that is causing symptoms or disease, The Autoimmune Fix will teach you how to reverse autoimmunity before it’s too late.

In The Autoimmune Fix, Dr. Tom O’Bryan incites a revolution against mediocre health and urges us to “wake up” by no longer accepting that our unfavorable symptoms or disease diagnoses are here to stay. Rampant chronic disease and autoimmune disorders are increasing and traditional medicine in the U.S. tends to treat only symptoms as they arise. With the empowering information set forth in this book, it is no longer necessary to sit back and accept the medical establishment’s reasoning behind your weight gain, fatigue and digestive issues. The science is in: your diet plays a key role in the presence of inflammation and the functioning of your immune system. This groundbreaking book also highlights the shocking revelation that many doctors are completely unaware of the latest medical research on the immune