Cantor Estherleon Schwartz and Lenny Rosenberg, of Lenny’s Deli in Westwood, LA share their Good News


Mission of Cantor Estherleon Schwartz

I am very grateful to have the honor of fulfilling my father’s prophesy in 1944 at the Swiss border when the Nazis were chasing us. I was 4 years old and when he threw me over the barbed wire fence he said, “Save my daughter and she will serve you forever.” It has been a painful, tiring yet inspirational journey in reaching my goal to have a deeper understanding of myself, my purpose in life, in relationship to the world around me. One thing I always hung on to were my father’s words of serving, so I “hung out” with God, asked for guidance, tried to have patience and faith which gave me hope and wisdom to understand that everything is in divine time. You are my voice of hope on earth to ensure that no human being goes to bed hungry, has a warm bed to sleep in, medicine, education, a fruitful and meaningful life, and a way to peace – in a peaceful way. Together, and with God’s blessings…everything is possible.

Mission of Lenny’s Deli.

Enjoy, be happy, be comfortable and healthy when at his deli restaurant and in life.  www.lensdeli.comThe Story of Lenny’s Deli

Lenny’s Deli is committed to serving the very best meals to its patrons with the highest quality foods. Our baked goods are made from scratch and our family recipes are a true labor of love. Special occasion and wedding cakes are our specialty and we would love to host your next party. From hot matzo ball soup to delicious rugalah, unbelievable deli platters, and our fresh chopped grilled vegetable salad.

Lenny’s is honored to serve you, your family and your friends. Since the 1950′s Lenny’s family has been in the Jewish delicatessen and bakery business, committed to providing only the best quality food in New York. In 1996 Lenny brought to Los Angeles the same commitment to quality food and service in opening notable California restaurants and bakeries such as the Nosh of Beverly Hills and 17th Street Cafe and Bakery.

Now, nearly two decades later, Lenny and his partners present Lenny’s Deli, the best of New York in Los Angeles! Lenny’s Deli at its Westwood Landmark location, offers the same favorites of the New York Jewish Deli and bakery, combined with an exciting healthy food menu. Lenny’s Deli is proud to present many organic foods, cage free eggs, and a gluten free menu.

Lenny welcomes you and looks forward to serving you and your family again soon!