Caring for Both Parents and Children – Peggy, Maggie Lynn and Aggie


Aggie moved in with her daughter, Peggie, and her family including granddaughter, Maggie Lynn, after her husband passed away seven years ago. Shortly after she moved, Aggie had a debilitating stroke. Peggie is Aggie’s primary caregiver, but she credits the love and support of her entire family as critically important factors in Aggie’s recovery. Maggie Lynn is a teenager who admits that her mom’s time and focus are divided because she is busy taking care of Aggie, but she’s also grateful that her grandmother was able to come and live with them.
Peggie’s advice to other caregivers is, “Try to keep it light. Being able to laugh is very important. Also, talk to other people who have gone through–or are going through–the same thing. Support groups are great and online message boards are helpful when you can’t go out to a meeting.”{enclose JNJAggiePeggieMaggie.m4v}