CEO CLUBS International Chapter opening first half of 2017 and The Clubs are doing great work. Good News is proud to broadcast the Good News of the clubs. See our interview in China with the CEO of the International Clubs.

To join the clubs, please give me a call, Paul Sladkus 212 647 1212.

March 12-18 Pakistan this is ready to go on the web: our chapter chairs run a well established promotion and advertising agency. They also publish a magazine Evolve

April 24-30th Argentina

June 6-11th Spain
Summer South Africa

Please see the website of our newest chapter in Pakistan

PAKISTAN: we land in Karachi and fly to Lahore and drive to Islamabad (government) and depart from Lahore. We expect to meet several hundred local CEO’s in both cities. We will be focusing heavily on both family business and franchising. We have support from the local Francorp. team.

We have kept the cost (subsidized) at $2000 which covers all cost on the ground in Pakistan. We travel one step above luxury with all five star hotels.

From go to events and follow the clues. There is a secure on line registration available. From go to the home page and follow these links

The Pakistan Launch

Click Here to learn more and to join us in Pakistan, March 2007.

Pakistan has built a warm deep water port to ship directly to China. You have to experience the country to see all the opportunities and to meet partners/customers/suppliers/investors/: come with us as we have taken over 900 CEO’s on previous trips. We say we are in the business of “making money and having fun, while learning”. When you are making money the other two are easy.

Joe. Mancuso, founder

CEO Club International . Inc.