Good News hears COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TREND OF AN AUTOMATIC TIME PIECE: Angie and Jeremy Zimmerman husband and wife co-founders of Chase Frederick

On Sunday, March 12th, we changed our clocks ahead one hour, which means that Daylight Savings Time started and Standard Time has ended. However, the change shouldn’t stop there. The Chase Frederick project, suggests that you should also take this opportunity to NOT only change the time, but your watch too.

Aiming to challenge the paradigm of thinking that an automatic watch is only for the men’s club, the Chase Frederick project, ( is on a mission to change this perception. The luxury time-piece company is hitting the luxury fashion accessories market hard with breathtakingly designed slim, self-winding automatic watches for women. Within an industry where automatic watches are primarily bulk and well suited for men, Chase Frederick hopes to debut multiple designs, with the help of crowdfunding, that reflect vintage aesthetics with a modern, yet romantic appeal. Chase Frederick is headquartered in Indianapolis and run by husband and wife co-founders Angie and Jeremy Zimmerman, who saw a missing product within the women’s watch market. The Chase Frederick Kickstarter will run for duration of 30 days and will assist the company in launching seven different automatic watch designs with a general retail price of under $300. The company has set an overall crowdfunding goal of $20K.
Angie and Jeremy Zimmerman will be able to discuss the following The levels for the campaign and contributor gifts include:
• Contribute $30 or more for a free bracelet (Below)
• $200 Super Early Bird Contributor special for choice of one watch with stainless steel band: Pink dial, Serenity blue dial, or Silver dial. Includes $30 bracelet for free. (Limited to 100 contributors)
• $225 Super Early Bird Contributor special for choice of one watch with premium stainless steel band: Two toned gold, two-tone Rose gold or titanium. Includes $30bracelet for free. (Limited to 100 contributors)
• $225 for choice of one watch with stainless steel band: Pink dial, Serenity blue dial, or silver dial. Includes $30 bracelet for free.
• $250 for choice of one watch with premium stainless steel band: Two- tone gold, Two – tone rose gold, or Titanium. Includes $30 bracelet for free.
• $1250 Sorority/Wedding Pack: Any choice of any six watches. Includes 6 bracelets, with a $30 value each.

Chase Frederick bracelet
“The trend has shifted towards larger watch dials, and this is because many watch brands spend so much time focusing on men and not women,” says Jeremy Zimmerman. “We chose to do something very few other brands do in the watch industry; we chose to focus on creating a truly feminine piece. A timepiece is a fashion statement which should complement your wardrobe, and we felt this bold statement for women should be elegant, and feminine, something women would be proud to wear.”
A self-winding automatic reflects a more classic style with a visual impact. Chase Frederick takes much pride in their first product, a 24mm Automatic Timepiece designed and manufactured with only the finest materials and quality craftsmanship. Every part of the timepiece is the brand’s original design while working closely with manufacturers to flesh out complete engineering specifications, identifying quality materials, processes and techniques that best fit the overall vision of creating an elegant and truly feminine piece.
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About Chase Frederick
Chase Frederick is Fashion Design Company with an expertise in mechanical and automatic watches. Located in Indianapolis, their diverse team of fashion designers, engineers and watch experts have taken a lifetime of experiences and spent the last year perfecting the watch. The timepiece reflects something from the past, upgraded to a marveling modern sophisticated style. Set out to infuse this watch with a sense of history and tradition known for unrivaled quality and precision, the style was designed with elegance for today’s modern women.