Chef Ken Megarr talks to Good News at the 2016 CES Show in the Home/Kitchen Appliance section at the Panasonic booth. Also we share a technology demonstration of the future of our “New Home” that Panasonic has created call Ora. 2017 CES is happening today, in Las Vegas, so keep your key s out for some the newest and latest technology.


With Panasonic’s continuing effort to assist our customers, Panasonic has added a Chef to the Commercial Oven Staff. With our 800 fax number (800) 553-0384 you now have a DIRECT LINE TO YOUR CHEF to ask him questions on reheating or cooking with any of our microwave ovens. He is also there to answer any questions about steaming with our NEW MICROWAVE OVENS and STEAMERS. Chef Ken Megarr is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York. He has had extensive experience working in COMMERCIAL KITCHENS, both in hotels and restaurants. Since joining Panasonic’s staff, Ken has worked with a number of restaurants, schools, hospitals and institutions on developing recipes for our NEW MICROWAVE OVENS and STEAMERS. He has tested our new ovens, working with several food products, like steaming vegetables and all types of fish products including clamps, lobsters, mussels, etc. Several different pasta dishes, Mexican recipes, refried beans, burritos and nachos can also be done successfully. The list of food he tested in our MICROWAVE OVENS and STEAMERS goes on and on.

Please turn the page and read the CHEF’S CORNER. Chef Megarr has compiled a list of many different food products which he has tested in our MICROWAVE OVENS and STEAMERS. He gives the model number of our microwave ovens, cooking times, and volume of products. If you don’t see a product that you are interested in, use our 800 fax number (800) 553-0384 and ask him about a specific product or products that you need information on. He will be happy to help. HOT NEWS for the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Equipment for the Food Service Professional Visit our “VIRTUAL TEST KITCHEN” at: NE-3280 NE-2180 NE-1257 NE-1757 NE-1056 NE-1051 NE-2157 NE-1021 With the American public changing their eating habits, menus are changing the country. NOW Panasonic has a Microwave Ovens to meet these changes. Our Model NE-1021 has 1000 watts of power and a five minute dial timer. This unit is ideal in a wait station, employee dining, and “C” stores. A simple microwave oven to operate: ideal for reheating rolls, sandwiches or one or more pieces of pie. Our Model NE-1051 has 1000 watts of power with 20 programmable touch pads. Ideal for fine dining, wait stations, “C” stores, vending operations, and office coffee service. This unit has 6 power levels: hi, med-hi, med, low, def and hold. The “times two” pad works great for multiple portions of the same product. If you are looking for a powerful oven, look no further: the NE-1051 is the oven for you! Our Model NE-1056 has 1000 watts of power and features 10 programmable touch pads. With 3 power levels, this unit is perfect for restaurants, institutions, convenience stores and vending. Stainless steel exterior and interior make this a durable unit for commercial use. Our three PRO I OVENS are truly space savers, measuring only 16 5/8 inches wide and 20 inches deep. THE PRO I SERIES SPACE SAVER ovens are powerful, with the model NE- 1257 rated at 1200 watts, the NE-1757 rated at 1700 watts and the NE-2157 rated at 2100 watts. Ideal for any style restaurant, supermarket, deli, school, college and “C” store. The PRO I SERIES GIVES YOU GREAT COOKING PERFORMANCE. Cold centers and burned edges in food are virtually eliminated by Panasonic’s unique Top and Bottom Energy Feeding System that puts more energy on the hard to heat center of the food and less energy on the easy to heat outside edges. Truly a breakthrough in microwave oven cooking. With PRO I SERIES Panasonic has eliminated the biggest problem with microwave ovens with our “GRAB AND GO HANDLE”. No door latches to break or come loose. This compact oven has a surprisingly useful oven cavity that can handle food load up to a 6 inch tall half pan and platter sizes up to 13 inches. They are approved for STACKING. TRULY AN OVEN FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM. The PANASONIC NEW Sonic Steamer ovens are in a class by themselves. Model NE-2180, 2100 watts and models 3280, 3200 watts are ideal for the heavy volume operations such as restaurants, banquet service, supermarket delis, and schools. These units hold two 4 inch full size hotel pans, four 12 inch plates or four half size hotel pans. Looking to replace your counter model steamer? Look no further, the Panasonic Sonic Steamer does everything a steamer can do plus much more. No water hook-ups, no drains. Add 2 oz. of water to a full size hotel pan, add your product, cover and you have a pressureless steamer. It’s as easy as that. Be sure to read our “CHEFS CORNER” on all our MICROWAVE OVENS and STEAMERS.