Epson holds a WONDERFUL FASHION SHOW to share their Innovation Digital Technology For Fashion, in New York at the Geary Building, home of IGA.

Go to to learn about this show. We speak to representative of Epson about their innovation Technology for use for the world of fashion.

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Lights. Cameras. Fashion. On February 9th, down in the heart of New York’s West Village, the entrance of Industria Superstudio was a bustle of activity. A studio used for over two decades by a cadre of fashion icons, such as Louis Vuitton, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Balenciaga, was hosting a client of a different color: Epson.

Indeed, the star of the show didn’t get the once-over by the girl with the clipboard or walk up the ramp swirling with a projected lightshow. It was the SureColor F-series’ New York Fashion Week debut, after three years of working its way up the ladder of fashion’s hierarchy.

“Since Epson is not a textile brand, we started having runway shows at our printing trade shows. Nobody expected that, and we started to create some noise,” recalled Catalina Frank, product manager for professional imaging at Epson, including the SureColor dye-sublimation product line. “The next step was being part of Fashion Week Brazil, in São Paulo, where we were able to work with the well-known Brazilian designer Lino Villaventura.” Soon Epson was featuring their own runways at textile trade shows, a first for the company, in countries like Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

And in New York, the crowd may be forgiven for overlooking the printer, even though it was housed in a prime position at the studio’s entrance, due to their excitement to get a closer look at the designs worn by the tall, slender models in the main room. Garments covered in brilliant colors and bold patterns, all printed on the SureColor, literally sat and stood center stage, while guests discussed the fabrics, process and inspiration with the designers.

“It was great to see that so many people were truly interested in the designers’ work, asking about what inspired them and how they liked working with the Epson printer for the project,” Catalina explained. “And to hear the designers talk about how they saw their vision come to life because they used the technology and being able to differentiate themselves from the competition because they can create their own fabrics—that told me we were successful.”

Now that Epson has impressed the fashionistas in the Big Apple, what’s next for this technology? “I think we have established Digital Couture as our own brand at New York Fashion Week,” Catalina answered. “Now we need to focus on looking at ways to support this community in the future, and creating more technology that allows them to express their creativity.

“We’re a global company, so I think we’ve really just gotten started.”