Senior Net’s new center in Washington, DC. Good News speaks to Reverend William Harrison about this new opportunity.

Greetings! From Second Union Baptist Church. We would like to invite you to come worship with us. Our hope is that you will find Second Union a place where you can be encouraged to grow in your understanding of who God is, discover why He put you here, and develop Godly relationships that will last a lifetime.

At Second Union, we are a family. A family of faith that invites you and your family to connect with other families in the community who share a common purpose: to discover all that God has for us!

We worship our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, who modeled obedience through death on a cross, and was resurrected to bring us life. That life continues to be lived out in the community of faith as a family. We believe God wants every Christian connected to each other and growing closer to Him through the study of His Word and fellowship.

We think you’ll agree that serving God should be an exciting and rewarding adventure!

Why not come visit us this Sunday?

Our Services

Sunday School —————– Every Sunday, 9:30 a.m.

Morning Worship————– Every Sunday, 10:45 a.m.

Youth Sunday——————- Every 1st Sunday

Holy Communion————— Every 3rd Sunday

Baptism———— 2nd Sunday, 9:45 a.m.

Prayer & Praise———-Every 3rd Sunday, 8:30 a.m



1107 Delaware Avenue S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20024

(202) 484-7012

History: The Second Union Baptist Church was founded in February 1951 by the Late Reverend William Lloyd Watts. Reverend Watts possessed a zeal that was more pronounced than the ordinary man. He was the son of Salem Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. and was ordained at the tender age of twenty-four. Reverend Watts pastored many churches in Virginia including St. Stephens Baptist Church, Little Forest Baptist Church, and Good Hope Baptist Church. He had many fruitful years in the ministry.

Reverend Watts gave up his churches in Virginia and headed his ship toward the city, dropped anchor, and disembarked here in Washington, D.C. A few months later, Rev. Watts received a phone call from a very dear friend, Mrs. Gatewood, who wanted him to conduct a Revival Service for a month in memory of the Late Rev. Gatewood. He readily consented.

The Revival was held in a little room on 4th Street, N.W. with only four people the first night, Rev. William Watts, Sister Julia Watts, Deacon Moses Watts, and Sister Bernice Watts. By the third night, the room was filled to capacity every night. The meeting was a soul stirring, spiritual success.

One evening, Rev. Watts received a phone call from his friend, Reverend R.E. Cabbell, who told Rev. Watts that he had a dream that Rev. Watts was pastoring a church in Washington, D.C. This was quite inspiring to Rev. Watts because he had received a number of Candidates for Baptism and several requests for him to become their pastor.

The success of the Revival and the pastoral request made Rev. Watts realize that this was the Master’s desire for him; and so was the beginning of Second Union Baptist Church.

Second Union stayed on 4th Street, N.W. for several months until the little room began to overflow. Our Pastor, with one Ordained Deacon, Deacon Moses Watts, set out to look for a larger place. After a few weeks, the search ended. SUBC moved into 1628 – 11th Street, N.W. and remained there for two years.

In those two years, Rev. Watts baptized, trained, and ordained five additional Deacons – Robert Watts, Joseph Richards, Leo Toliver, Theodore Muse and Herbert Payton (the first Superintendent of Sunday School; and one Trustee – Brother Joseph Maiden.

Sister Shirley Watts become the first Church Clerk. The Usher Board was organized with Deaconess Pearl Payton as President. The Senior Chorus was organized with Sister Delores Thompson as the Directress and Sister Bettie Carter as the pianist.

During that time, the rent was raised three times and the congregation was very unhappy. So Pastor Watts and the Officers met and decided to search for a suitable place to purchase. Second Union needed a permanent home. In 1954, a new home was purchased, 1201 N. Street, N.W. The first most fitting words were those of Deacon Moses Watts, “This Is the Place.”

The building was renovated to make it a suitable sanctuary for the service of the Lord. During the years, the sanctuary was remodeled as needed with new doors, new pulpit furniture, new pews, remodeled the kitchen, dining area, and the Pastor’s Study. The Church had a growing building fund and 18 active auxiliaries.

Through the years, several Deacons and Deaconess were trained and ordained to the Joint Board. In 1962, a Gospel Chorus was organized by Deacon Moses Watts, Sister Nancy Watts, and Deacon Robert Watts. The group ended when the pianist left for another church. Many members have come and gone, some to other churches, some from whence they came, and some to that home not made by hand. The greatest loss of all was our Pastor and Founder, Rev. William Lloyd Watts on August 10, 1974. At the time of his passing, the building at 1201 N. Street, N.W. was “Paid in Full”, a growing New Church Fund had been instituted solely for the purpose of obtaining a new church, and Rev. Watts was also Pastoring the New Monrovia Baptist Church in Colonial Beach, Virginia, his home church.