International Emmys

Join world traveler Susan Thompson as she journeys around the globe to visit with interesting, creative and diverse people to explore fashion, food, culture, trends & travel from country to country. At no time has this understanding been more important to world harmony. Susan, who is making waves this year from around the world is in the spotlight!!! Susan Thompson of The Susan Thompson Show the International TV Personality, Spokesperson & Professional Model, recognized in Television & Film who is also Founder & President of The North American Andy Transplant Foundation, Inc. ( ). This unique lifestyle allows you to travel the world without leaving home. The Susan Thompson Show is an address that knows no bounds. The Susan Thompson Show is the first “real time” television magazine show that will educate, embrace and bring to you culture from around the world offering new possibilities to elevate your potential from “real” people. We will bring and touch everyone culturally and you will gain knowledge. This journey of creative, business and technical exploration will inspire, inform, energize and please our audience. The Show will be very upbeat, positive and uplifting and send messages of hope and possibilities. We will share stories where we have seen our strengths, our flaws and our hopes for a better world. We will provide role models for ourselves and our children that will strengthen the human spirit.