JOB$, JOB$ and JOB$ are Available!

JOB$, JOB$ AND JOB$ Are Available!
Become a Good News Reporter on:
and Make Money for You and the
People Your Report on in All Languages of the World
Our Initial Focus is: Those Without a Job, Not Making Enough, Students, Disabled, Vets., Non-Profits / NGOs & Small Bus.
Important: To Succeed with Getting Money to Those in Need, We Need to World’s Public to Watch & Contribute to the Content


11-11-11 Brooklyn, New York. Silent Press Conference

11:11 AM Central Park @ Strawberry Fields – Imagine
November 11th is Veterans Day in America and other parts of the world

paul-sladkus-photo-imagePaul Sladkus, founder of Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC) Corporation, est. 1985 and creator of, est. 1998 announces: “Today, we pay tribute to all who fought for PEACE with the dream that we will never have to fight for Peace again. Let’s pledge to resolve our differences though non-violent communications. Helpful for Peace is Work, is Pay, and is Feeding Yourself and Your Family. To Survive and Flourish is what we all need. MBC is working hard to do our part to share the Good News of the World and Hope. We now have the technology, thanks to to allow all the people in the world to share their Good News on The Reporters and Those They Do Stories on will Accept Donations to View Their Content.

Here is how it works:

  1. Agree to the Good News Standards & Practices and Oath that you will only share life affirming, positive content and
    will not submit anything negative about any person, place or thing. Go to for all details and to agree.
  2. Agree to become a Good News Reporter and find stories that are Good News.
    The content can be about you, your organization, or anything that you believe is Good News and it can be in Any Language.
  3. Agree to be a Good News Business Partner and share any revenue that you receive with the guest that you report on.
    Reporter can find a sponsor for their piece.
  4. Agree to tell us something about yourself in the submission and guest so the world can know you
    and why they should donate some money to you.
  5. Agree to be a Good News Corporate or Individual Underwriter for this initiative to help pay for administrative costs for the website.
We have set this program up to be simple.
You can submit, video, audio, print, text and photo to where details are explained under Good News Reporter Job$.
We hope that with this Good News Initiative will help billions to obtain work and that people will Work Together.
All We Are is What We Are for Each Other

Help us Help the Good News Reporters Initiative – If You Know any Reporters – Please Send Them Here!  Thanks, Paul