Joe Eldridge and John Anderson: Race Across America

Cyclists Team Up In The Annual Race Across America

To Set A Positive Example For The Diabetes Community

Approximately 24 Million Americans Live With Diabetes and 5.7 Million Remain Undiagnosed

**Race Across America June 12, 2010 Cycling Through Cities Nationwide**

Joe Eldridge, co-founder, member of Team Type 1

John Anderson, member of Team Type 2


Diabetes is a growing epidemic, with nearly 24 million Americans living with the condition, including an estimated 5.7 million who remain undiagnosed – but a team of athletes living with diabetes are going the distance to manage their condition and inspire others to do the same! Competing in the Race Across America (RAAM) starting on June 12, 2010, Joe Eldridge and John Anderson are part of Team Type 1 and Team Type 2, and their mission is to prove that having diabetes doesnt mean you cant achieve your goals.

RAAM, also known as “The Worlds Toughest Bicycle Race” is one of the most respected annual endurance events in the country and is recognized the world over. The route is over 3,000 miles, touching 14 states and “climbing” over 100,000 feet. Teams typically cross the country in six to nine days, averaging 350 to 500 miles per day. Last year, Team Type 1 finished in 1st place against other athletes who didnt have to contend with diabetes while racing and Team Type 2 in their first foray into RAAM completed the race in seven days, seven hours and 24 minutes! Team Type 1 and Team Type 2 are sponsored by sanofi-aventis U.S.

These athletes are available for interviews to discuss RAAM, as well as their proactive approach to diabetes management, which includes exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, regularly monitoring their blood sugar levels and taking their diabetes medications as prescribed.

More About Joe Eldridge:

Joe Eldridge was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10, but that didnt stop him from becoming a professional cyclist. After competing on elite soccer teams across the country, his interests shifted to competitive cycling at Auburn University, where he met fellow collegiate cyclist Phil Southerland. Together, the two formed Team Type 1 in 2004. Since then, the team has won RAAM three times and has grown to include a diverse group of more than 70 amateur and professional athletes from around the world. Their long-term goal as competitive cyclists is to compete in the Tour de France!

More About John Anderson:

A lifelong athlete and runner, John Anderson was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1989. At first he refused to accept it, which is not an uncommon response. Eventually, he decided to take every possible positive action he could to control his diabetes. In 2009, John transitioned from running to cycling and became a founding member of Team Type 2, the first team comprised entirely of athletes with type 2 diabetes to compete in RAAM.

Produced for: Sanofi Aventis (one mention, in context that they are the sponsor of the race)