Layla: How One Woman’s Horrific Story Became The Driving Force To Save The Lost


Petaluma, CA, January 7, 2014 – Jeannie Kerrigan and Katherine Patton of Ricky’s Revolution Non-profit walk along the streets at night handing out Rickys, stuffed monkeys embroidered with national safety and shelter hot-line numbers, to remind those in need that help is just a phone call away.

As Street Team Leaders they go onto the streets personally interacting with children, youth and adults involved in acute situations of violence and homelessness.

The monkey’s name is Ricky; doubly significant because he was named after Jeannie’s treasured stuffed monkey she had as a child that was lost the day she was abducted and raped as a young girl.

Through the use of Ricky, this 501(c)(3) national outreach program provides information on safety and shelter options and national hotline numbers including rape crisis, a runaway hotline, a domestic abuse hotline, and safe houses – especially important for victims of human trafficking who lack resources to get help. Additionally, Ricky’s Revolution Nonprofit has volunteer-based shelter teams that deliver Rickys to local shelters in multiple states across the nation allowing community members to be a part of the process of bringing these issues to the forefront.

Knowing firsthand what it’s like to feel abandoned by the world motivated Jeannie Kerrigan to write her deeply moving memoir, Layla; a shocking story of a life of incest, physical abuse, rape and prostitution in a world of drugs and insanity. Through the Rickys being circulated on the streets and her own heartrending story, Jeannie speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves, always reminding them she is living proof of hope for a better life.

Founder and Executive Director, Jeannie enjoys a successful 14-year practice in Santa Fe, NM and California. She is a healer, teacher, author, and spiritual leader whose experience has made her one of the most effective public speakers on the planet.

Co-founder and Director Katherine Patton has over 20 years of experience as a professional counselor and educator. She believes in and understands the value of human connection as a vital and integral part of the healing process. She has worked extensively with abused youth, emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, and their families.

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