Living with Severe Asthma- Michelle and Gary


Michelle has been a severe asthmatic since the age of six. Her mother also suffered with asthma and died of an attack at an early age. Michelle talks about what it is like to live with the disease, how she deals with the fear, and what it was like to meet her husband, Gary, and help him learn about her condition. Gary says, “It was a challenge at first, but I focused on what a wonderful, beautiful person she is and that helped me get past the fear of what might happen. We’ve been married since 2003.” His advice for other Caregivers is, “Once you accept the disease as a part of life and understand that this is a challenge you are taking on, don’t ever give up. Deal with things one day at a time. And, have faith.”{enclose JNJMichelleGary.m4v}