LOVE by Eve Harrison

Courage is fear saying a prayer on the wings of Grace, within the realm of Faith ~ the greatest, most subtle force that is.
All of the fruit that is born thereof is conceived through hope ~ Love.


You are so thoroughly enmeshed in
the fabric of my spirit that
visions which
accompany me through
waking and sleeping hours
— ever in a dream state —
seem to dissolve any need
for material manifestation.
So profoundly, so cavernously, so lightly
does this Life
which is You, which is me —
reside within.
So does this
sky, this
comforting depth
of sea,
caress every
fiber of my Being
with a whispered
breathes beyond
any man-given worth or substance.
If light of day dareth
It to speak
its blazing, unutterable name,
we would know but
its flight.
It knows not a fathomable identity
which can be
spoken nor heard
with mortal
mouth or ears —
Spirit — You —
take on so many forms,
so many colours, and
live outside
any distinguishable
Shape — You
Live outside any telling.
You are the order in Chaos,
And the Chaos of
anyone who may
attempt to give
But you can be Seen
in the eyes of any
child, man, or woman —
in the ecstatic
unfolding of any Springtime flower
in blossom and bloom
… And in the quiet Resolve of
any Silent, black
or Starlit Night.
You are most
easily seen
in the Glorious or
Weeping, Waxing or Waning
No, You are not
beyond sight.
To breathe life into any attempted
description of You –
through sound, words,
shapes or colours,
is such a
glory ever-new —
That any description
which any could proffer,
If inspiration be true,
SOARS through to
us only by
virtue of you.
You are the stormiest
of storms, the most
Pacific Ocean, and the
most raging of seas.
You are the brightest,
widest Rainbow,
The highest
Mountain peak;
You are the words
we cannot
You are the balance
of all possible
And the loveliest,
tiniest of beauties
we need not
know how to seek.


“Live Up to Your Life”

When we gonna look to our future,
When we ever gonna nurture…
The love that we have within us…
The love that will pull us up from under.

Ooh, I’ve really gotta wonder….
When we gonna get rid of fear…
When we gonna stop all these tears…?
It’s up to the life we’ve been given…

Live up to your life, live up to your love…
Don’t ever settle for the hatred.
Live up to your love, live up to your life…
When we gonna let ourselves see-ee-ee…
When we gonna let ourselves BE.

I know you need some time to wander,
Some time to think through all this thunder…
Well, go on and put yourself to the test…
Then you can see about all the rest.

Ooh, I’ve really got to wonder…
When we gonna get to our truth?
When we gonna set ourselves free?
It’s up to the life we’ve been given…

Live up to your life, live up to your love,
Don’t ever settle for inaction.
Live up to your love, live up to your life…
When we gonna set ourselves free-ee-ee…
When we gonna let ourselves BE.

(Time to take all the action…)