Our campaign goals are :

Reach a million participation in the campaign #MyKiss4Peace
Create the biggest kiss for peace photo collage in cooperation with the Guinness book of record.
Promote World Peace and raise the awareness of the people that peace should be done between people and not just between countries.
Once the campaign reaches a milestone certain events for the peace day will occur.
For example, when it reaches 15K kisses with the #MyKiss4Peace we will put a flag made out of the kisses collage and hang it in front of the U.N building.

Some of the venues we will be using:
PR services
Working with HOKKU PR – expected to reach 20 mil users.
Avril Lavigne- over 55 Mil followers on social media
Pamela Anderson – over 1mil followers on social media
Social Media Influencers
Tonny Skits – over 2 mil followers on social media
Jalal brothers – over 7 mil followers on social media.
Hannah Stocking – over 3 mil followers on social media.
Gabby Epstein – over 1.5 mil followers on social media.
Blameitonkway – over 3.3 mil followers on social media.

This is a direct link to the campaign page, http://www.viewly.com/#!/campaign/MyKiss4Peace

This is a short presentation we sent out to ORG so to get them to join our initiative.

This is direct link to my profile on linkedin, if you need any further info on my work and a photo

Please send me your brochure for the peace party, we will integrate it into our efforts.

Thanks again for the talk yesterday and please link me to the interview, I want to post it on our website.