Peace Day Party Supporters

Gold Sponsorship Package $10,000

(Smaller Packages available starting at $250)


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Peace Day Party Events:

  • GOLD SPONSOR will receive:
  • Invite for 100  people to attend the Times/Union  Square Event on September 21 and 300 people at the Central Park Event, at the Band Shell.  A concert is being planned as well, tickets TBD. You can hold your respective flag/banner representing your organization/brand; we will have flags from all the countries of the UN and Hugg-A Planets (plush premium planet) representing the human race and animal kingdom.   You will also be an integral part of our TV Broadcast. 
  • Sponsorship will not only support great nonprofit events, but part of the proceeds will support a third party nonprofit of your choice from a select list of charities that work towards World Peace as their mission. Or a non-profit of your choice.
  • Logo/name will appear on the peacedayparty.organd website homepage. With a logo/picture/dedicated image of your choice for one year.
  • 30 Hugg-A-Planets and 50 invitations to the After Party at the world famous Copacabana
  • Peace Day Party Participation Award Certificate for 50 members and the organization.
  • Your gift bag/corporate literature/product samples will be shared with attendees at the events.


  • GOLD SPONSOR will receive:
  • Name on every National and International Broadcast and Rebroadcast for TV/Radio, WEB (2,000 websites), Phone/Digital, TBD that the show appears for the life of the shows. Program will be ½ hour and additional shorter segments.
  • A 30 second message of Peace in our 2017 Broadcast with your organization’s representative or spokesperson.
  • Support to host a Peace Day Party event at your own corporation offices or local offices. We will broadcast your recording at a later date.
  • Name will appear in (3) two minute segments exclusively for you that we will produce with your 30 second message.
  • Recognition during the closing crawl. Appropriate toned 30 second commercial
  • Prior to the event 2 audio interviews with a photo slide show. The interviews will appear on peacedayparty.organd

Public Relations:

  • GOLD SPONSOR will receive:
  • Inclusion is all public relations and social marketing efforts.  
  • Request to attend and speak at all Press Conferences.
  • An exclusive customized Press Release with your approval highlighting your participation in our event that can be sent to your media distribution list.

Advertising & Marketing:

  • GOLD SPONSOR will receive:
  • Inclusion in all purchased advertising and marketing.
  • Permission to use the Peace Day Party logo within all your own advertising and communications worldwide initiatives.


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