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    Conservation of threatened and endangered marine fauna in Peru

    Founded in 1995, ProDelphinus is a not-for-profit Peruvian organization based in Lima. ProDelphinus is committed to the conservation of threatened and endangered marine fauna. Beginning in 1995, ProDelphinus, together with organizations such as the Peruvian Center for Cetacean Research CEPEC, participated actively in a campaign to legally ban  the dolphins take and consumption in Peru. Currently, ProDelphinus conducts projects on research and conservation of threatened and endangered marine … [Read More...]

    Cute Brothers and Sister Wearing Backpacks Ready for School.

    Leonard Baca, Ph.D. – BUENO Center for Multicultural Education

    Visit: There are few educators in the United States and indeed the world who have made that kind of educational impact that Leonard Baca has made. He is a scholar, teacher, mentor, and most importantly a family man. Leonard was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Duranes neighborhood. After high school he attended Conception Seminary and received a BA and MA in Religious Education and a Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (STB) from Catholic University. He … [Read More...]

    Hurricane & Storm Prep Tips

    Laura Howe, Vice President for the American Red Cross, and Paris Lytle of Lowe’s Discuss Hurricane & Storm Prep Tips

    To help plan your 2014 disaster coverage and mark the beginning of hurricane season on June 1, Laura Howe of the America Red Cross and Lowe's spokesman Paris Lytle are available to discuss important hurricane preparedness tips and products your viewers and listeners should have on hand to be ready for any emergency situation. TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION INCLUDE: ***General information about the importance of disaster preparedness         ***Recommended tools, resources and products to help … [Read More...]

    I lost my job but realized that I could be Superman

    LIMA, Peru --         It's not easy being Superman. It only earns about $160 a month for Avelino Chavez, who dresses up daily as the caped hero. But oh, the adventures! The 52-year-old Chavez can't fly but does seem to be everywhere in Lima: at political rallies and speeches, at a wedding shoot for Peru's famed opera tenor Juan Diego Florez, hawking tours and flights on behalf of a travel agency in the central Plaza de Armas. "Hola Superman!" people shout to him. "Hola, Superamigo!" … [Read More...]

    Rostros que nos cuestionan

    * "Rostros que nos cuestionan: ancianos abandonados... y niños con VIH/SIDA" Este miércoles 27 de junio se realizo el lanzamiento oficial -a nivel nacional- de la Campaña de Solidaridad "Compartir" 2012, que este año tendrá como tema: "Rostros que nos cuestionan: ancianos abandonados... y niños con VIH/SIDA". El lanzamiento se realizará con una conferencia de prensa en el auditorio de la Conferencia Episcopal Peruana, a las 11:00 de la mañana. Según datos de la Campaña "Compartir" … [Read More...]

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