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    Vagabond Tales: Cellphones And Candy Bars In The Floating Islands Of Peru

    There is a running joke amongst Peruvians that when it comes to Lake Titicaca, Peru got the "Titty," and Bolivia got the "kaka." All anatomical and bathroom jokes aside, the world's highest navigable lake does in fact stretch across the borders of both nations. When read from left to right on a map, it would appear that the Peruvians may have a reason on which to make their case. My mind didn't spend too much time dwelling on this, however, as I motored across the placid lake waters for the … [Read More...]


    8th Annual Planet Heart Celebration in NYC – April 24th, 2014- Gary Null to be Guest Speaker

    COME CELEBRATE!! GOOD NEWS PLANET WILL BE BROADCASTING AND MODERATOR OF THE  WORLD PEACE PANEL  THURSDAY - APRIL 24TH, 2014  Subud Chelsea Center 230 West 29th Street, New York City  4:00 pm to 11:00 pm Seating Limited! To Register Call: 212-222-5432 "Once a year we gather in friendship, love and light to celebrate   the rare gift of this glorious Planet Earth.  With wisdom, inspiration and gratitude we invite you   to join us for this … [Read More...]

    Lineas de agua en el desierto

    Cuando el avión empieza a balancearse de un lado a otro, el desierto empieza a mostrar sus secretos. Aquí una ballena; allá algo parecido a un muñeco con enormes manos. Un poco más hacia el norte un colibrí de diseño actualísimo que, sin embargo, fue dibujado hace más de 2.000 años. Y monos, árboles, enormes rayas blancas de precisión rectilínea que se pierden en el horizonte a decenas de kilómetros de distancia. Las avionetas zumban en todas direcciones haciendo de este apartado … [Read More...]

    Hurricane & Storm Prep Tips

    Laura Howe, Vice President for the American Red Cross, and Paris Lytle of Lowe’s Discuss Hurricane & Storm Prep Tips

    To help plan your 2014 disaster coverage and mark the beginning of hurricane season on June 1, Laura Howe of the America Red Cross and Lowe's spokesman Paris Lytle are available to discuss important hurricane preparedness tips and products your viewers and listeners should have on hand to be ready for any emergency situation. TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION INCLUDE: ***General information about the importance of disaster preparedness         ***Recommended tools, resources and products to help … [Read More...]

    Design students have created an award-winning prototype for a human-powered washing machine that costs less than $40.

    When two design students from the Art Center College of Design in  Pasadena, California visited a village outside of Lima, Peru, they realized they  would put their skills to use on improving the lives of the impoverished. Based  on the visit, they decided to develop a commercial product that would increase  efficiency in laundry by eliminating the physical stress of hand washing clothes  and saving the amount of water wasted. Thus, the GiraDora,  a foot-powered washing machine was … [Read More...]

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