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  • Community – Peru

    Man on a mission: Diego Harbaugh’s little-known rebuilding project

    Two years ago, Jim Harbaugh was shown a plot of land the Catholic church had recently purchased in the city of Piura, Peru. Harbaugh saw a small stream, some rocks and scrub and a lot of dirt. "It looked like a piece of wasteland that nobody wanted, basically," he said. When he returned in June, there was a K-11 school on the plot with 690 children - all of them neatly dressed in school uniforms - filling every desk. "It was beautiful," he said. Harbaugh has a reputation for quick turnarounds … [Read More...]

    Dr. Elmer E. Huerta – Principal Investigator (PI) of the Latin American Cancer Research Coalition

    Dr. Elmer E. Huerta is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Latin American Cancer Research Coalition (LACRC) and a member of the LACRC Steering Committee. He is currently the Founder and Director of the Cancer Preventorium at the Washington Cancer Institute in the Washington Hospital Center, the only cancer prevention/screening service for Latinos in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. The goal of the clinic is to encourage preventive screenings; therefore, the clinic is open to patients … [Read More...]



    Miss Fanny Tang, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Weixing Tang will make her debut at The 60th International Debutante Ball on Monday, December 29th, 2014, in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Fanny attends the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Biology and Medicine in Switzerland. She plays the piano, and loves music, writing, art and sports. Miss Fanny Tang’s father, Weixing Tang, is the President of the China Sales Group LTD. Her mother, Honglin Zhang, is the … [Read More...]

    A Story to Read

    Never try to take a cab in downtown Lima,Peru’s capital, on October 18! You will be stuck for the rest of the day because of the millions of people who fill up the streets to celebrate the Lord of the Miracles, the most popular religious icon in the country. No other event can mobilize so many people; not even national soccer matches or political elections. It has even been claimed that the procession of the Lord of the Miracles is the religious event inLatin Americathat gathers the largest … [Read More...]


    Peace Day Party

    Dear Peaceful People, Our PEACE initiative continues…from our largest Peace Sign Broadcast in Times Square/NYC in 2013, a nonprofit 501 C 3 invites YOU to help strengthen the message of the International Peace Day September 20 & 21, 2014.  All the countries of the UN unanimously agreed to a Day of Peace. Here are our peaceful details WHERE? 1    3rd. Annual Day of Awareness & Peace Rally in Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose, California, September 20 at … [Read More...]

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