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All We Are is What We Are for Each Other
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  • Community – Peru


    8th Annual Planet Heart Celebration in NYC – April 24th, 2014- Gary Null to be Guest Speaker

    COME CELEBRATE!! GOOD NEWS PLANET WILL BE BROADCASTING AND MODERATOR OF THE  WORLD PEACE PANEL  THURSDAY - APRIL 24TH, 2014  Subud Chelsea Center 230 West 29th Street, New York City  4:00 pm to 11:00 pm Seating Limited! To Register Call: 212-222-5432 "Once a year we gather in friendship, love and light to celebrate   the rare gift of this glorious Planet Earth.  With wisdom, inspiration and gratitude we invite you   to join us for this Annual … [Read More...]

    A Story to Read

    Never try to take a cab in downtown Lima,Peru’s capital, on October 18! You will be stuck for the rest of the day because of the millions of people who fill up the streets to celebrate the Lord of the Miracles, the most popular religious icon in the country. No other event can mobilize so many people; not even national soccer matches or political elections. It has even been claimed that the procession of the Lord of the Miracles is the religious event inLatin Americathat gathers the largest … [Read More...]

    Lineas de agua en el desierto

    Cuando el avión empieza a balancearse de un lado a otro, el desierto empieza a mostrar sus secretos. Aquí una ballena; allá algo parecido a un muñeco con enormes manos. Un poco más hacia el norte un colibrí de diseño actualísimo que, sin embargo, fue dibujado hace más de 2.000 años. Y monos, árboles, enormes rayas blancas de precisión rectilínea que se pierden en el horizonte a decenas de kilómetros de distancia. Las avionetas zumban en todas direcciones haciendo de este apartado lugar del … [Read More...]


    Peace Day Party 2015

    PEACE DAY SUCCESS, NEW YORK, SAN JOSE AND THE WORLD New York:  September 18, 2015 Time Square, September 19, 2015, San Jose, September 20, 2015, Central Park and September 21, 2015, Everywhere.  Thank you for all your good wishes, and work, we were able to edit and broadcast the Amanda Network event and our Times Square Event on the International Day of Peace to over 2,000 sites and stations worldwide, via www.peaceday.TV and our own sites. The events are powerful statements for moving Peace … [Read More...]

    Restrictions almost ruined our Pisco

    US restrictions almost ruined the traditional drink of Peru: Of all the potent potables knocked flat by Prohibition, none has taken longer to climb back up to the bar as pisco, the clear, brandy-like Peruvian liquor. For a half-century before the Noble Experiment, it dominated the West Coast drinking scene; picked up by California-bound sailors after rounding Cape Horn, it practically built San Francisco, whose bars overflowed with sours, punches and shot after shot of straight pisco. Yet by … [Read More...]

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