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    Vagabond Tales: Cellphones And Candy Bars In The Floating Islands Of Peru

    There is a running joke amongst Peruvians that when it comes to Lake Titicaca, Peru got the "Titty," and Bolivia got the "kaka." All anatomical and bathroom jokes aside, the world's highest navigable lake does in fact stretch across the borders of both nations. When read from left to right on a map, it would appear that the Peruvians may have a reason on which to make their case. My mind didn't spend too much time dwelling on this, however, as I motored across the placid lake waters for the … [Read More...]


    Amanda Network, San Jose, Peace and Awareness

    The Amanda Network, Anti-Bullying Campaign September 20, 2014 3rd Annual Awareness Day and PEACE Rally 3rd Annual Awareness Day and PEACE Rally was honored to be included in this important event and to broadcast it. May Peace Prevail on Earth, and Bullying is not Peace, tell all. Paul ******************************************************************************** Amanda Suzanne Brownell April 29, 1992 - April 16, 2013 View video … [Read More...]

    Peru cruise: eating up the Amazon

    Peruvian cuisine has gone global, with new restaurants springing up everywhere   from Santiago to Soho. On an Amazonian cruise, Andrew Purvis meets the   Japanese superchef whose experiments with Asian-Peruvian fusion began in   Lima nearly 40 years ago. In the observation deck of the M/V Aria, the most opulently-appointed cruise   ship on the Amazon, there is less appetite than usual for the communal   Jacuzzi. Passengers would normally be immersing themselves in the cool,   clear … [Read More...]

    Restrictions almost ruined our Pisco

    US restrictions almost ruined the traditional drink of Peru: Of all the potent potables knocked flat by Prohibition, none has taken longer to climb back up to the bar as pisco, the clear, brandy-like Peruvian liquor. For a half-century before the Noble Experiment, it dominated the West Coast drinking scene; picked up by California-bound sailors after rounding Cape Horn, it practically built San Francisco, whose bars overflowed with sours, punches and shot after shot of straight pisco. Yet by … [Read More...]

    Cute Brothers and Sister Wearing Backpacks Ready for School.

    Leonard Baca, Ph.D. – BUENO Center for Multicultural Education

    Visit: There are few educators in the United States and indeed the world who have made that kind of educational impact that Leonard Baca has made. He is a scholar, teacher, mentor, and most importantly a family man. Leonard was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Duranes neighborhood. After high school he attended Conception Seminary and received a BA and MA in Religious Education and a Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (STB) from Catholic University. He … [Read More...]

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