Pigeon Forge Accommodations

Your Pigeon Forge vacation is a simple click away with our online Pigeon Forge accommodations reservation system. Choose from a wide variety of accommodations including Pigeon Forge cabins, condos, chalets, hotels, campgrounds and more. Search Pigeon Forge hotels by the amenities and prices you prefer, without spending time or money on phone calls. Let us help make your vacation planning quick and hassle free. Click on the Pigeon Forge accommodation links below to get started! Pigeon Forge Vacation – What To Do Speaking of a fun family vacation spot, check out the more than 40 attractions located along Pigeon Forge’s Parkway. From miniature golf, go-carts and bumper boats to water rides, laser games and even an indoor skydiving simulator, you can be rest assured that your family will love a Pigeon Forge vacation. Even history is fun on a Pigeon Forge family vacation with entertaining and educational exhibits on display at Carbo’s Police Museum, Dinosaur Walk Museum, Elvis Museum and the Smoky Mountain Car Museum. In addition to the fun-filled attractions, Pigeon Forge is home to music, magic and variety, making Pigeon Forge one of the best family vacation spots around. The city’s theaters present all styles of music, high-energy dancing and magical illusions. On your Pigeon Forge vacation, you’ll see amazing horsemanship, racing ostriches, mind-reading-pigs, fire-eaters, jugglers and the best Elvis impersonator this side of Graceland! You’ll find all this and more on the stages of Pigeon Forge, where the theaters are dedicated to presenting wholesome family entertainment. On a Pigeon Forge family vacation you must visit Dollywood theme park, one of the South’s favorite family vacation spots filled with music, rides, mountain craft demonstrations and other attractions that showcase life in the Smoky Mountains. There’s something for everyone. Don’t miss a single moment of the fun. Experience a Pigeon Forge vacation today! Pigeon Forge Events & Entertainment With more than 16 city-sponsored special Pigeon Forge events throughout the year, the action never really stops in Pigeon Forge! Come now to see beautiful decorations and displays for the many autumn celebrations, including the Pigeon Forge Harvest Festival and Dollywoods National Gospel & Harvest Celebration. * All special events are subject to re-scheduling or cancellation, please confirm with the Department of Tourism at 1-800-251-9100. * Traffic Tip: When there’s a car show or parade scheduled in Pigeon forge, we always expect a big turnout, and you should, too. Along with the festivities, you might also experience traffic congestion and delays. Most guests just sit back and enjoy the show. However, we suggest you not these events on our calendar, call 1-800-251-9100 for traffic updates and plan your visit accordingly.