OrganizerSilicon Dragon

Organizer of Silicon Dragon Roundtable NYC 2019

Silicon Dragon publishes news of technology, venture capital and startup trends in emerging markets and hosts forums in innovation hubs globally: New York, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tel Aviv.

Silicon Dragon was formed in 2010 by Forbes journalist, author and media entrepreneur Rebecca Fannin. Ms. Fannin has been covering tech innovations trends globally for 15 years, beginning with Red Herring magazine during the dotcom era. She is the author of three influential and well-received books, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Startup Asia (Wiley, 2011), including her new book, Tech Titans of China (Hachette, 2019).

Silicon Dragon spans a global network of startups, emerging companies, venture capitalists, angel investors and startup stakeholders. The group is based in Silicon Valley with offshoots in New York City and Hong Kong.

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