LifeSite® Launches LifeSite Vault® an app that can help to save your life, organize your health.


Secure web-based solution to safely store and access personal info & docs
LifeSite Secures $4.5M in Early Stage Funding

NOVEMBER 10, 2015 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA and NEW YORK, NY) – Unveiled today in “Eureka Park” at CES Unveiled New York (the annual event which provides a sneak peek at the year’s most innovative products and technologies), Silicon Valley startup LifeSite® launches LifeSite Vault®, a new, secure web-based solution for storing all of life’s vital information and documents. Also introduced is the LifeSite Vault companion mobile app, that provides safe anytime, anywhere access to users’ information from any mobile device.
LifeSite’s unique platform provides an intuitive solution to organize, categorize, manage and safely share information accumulated through every phase of life. LifeSite Vault guides users with easy prompts for entering and encrypting information in different categories such as personal, medical, people, pets, online accounts, career, finances, property, insurance and legal – and provides convenient features to enter, attach and share information and documents. LifeSite Vault helps organize and store everything in one safe place. The solution facilitates collaboration with family members and advisors, and lets users establish backup contacts, so that a trusted family member or loved one can access key personal information in the event of an emergency.
To accelerate their launch, LifeSite secured $4.5M in early stage funding, co-led by Inmost Partners, and a syndicate of private investors.
LifeSite’s founding team members are among the most successful solution-oriented techies in the industry, and were eager to collaborate on the development and launch of a truly secure web-based storage solution that puts users and families first. Co-founders include serial entrepreneur and technology veteran Chris Wong, Kstartup partner YoonJin Chang and Miss California 2013 Crystal Lee. Other members of the founding team include former Google NY executive Khee Lee and security technology expert Barney Lee.
Truly democratizing their technology during its launch, LifeSite is allowing everybody to register and use LifeSite Vault for free, for a limited time.
While everyone may have their own type of filing system at home for important documents and information, common methods such as hardcopy files, safe deposit boxes, home computers or mainstream file-sharing and note-taking apps are simply not designed or safe for sensitive information storage, management or access. Floods and fire can destroy paper and compromise safe deposit boxes, computers can crash or be breached from a virus, and flash drives can be lost or stolen. LifeSite was created to provide families with a safe, easy-to-use alternative solution.
“At LifeSite, security isn’t just a feature, it’s our number one priority!” exclaims Chris Wong, LifeSite CEO. “We have designed LifeSite solutions from the ground up, with the safety and security of your information in mind. We proactively engaged security experts during design, development and testing. We use the latest military-grade security protocols, and are continuously monitoring and auditing our systems to maintain the highest level of security.”
“Change is a constant. The ability to adapt to change is what separates good ideas from great ideas. And LifeSite is a great idea,” says Morgan Wright, international cyber security expert and national advisor on cyberterrorism. “We have evolved into a highly mobile society. For too long our vital information was not as mobile as our lifestyle. That has changed with LifeSite.”
“In my appearances before Congress, and of the hundreds of national news and media appearances I’ve made on cybersecurity, the one common thread among failures I’ve been interviewed about was the lack of focus on security,” says Wright. “That isn’t the case with LifeSite.”
“By obsessing on security from the start,” Wright continues, “LifeSite has separated itself from other solutions that were more concerned with getting to market than focusing on the security and privacy of your personal information.”
LifeSite has combined secure information access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security, to provide a safe and smart digital storage solution. LifeSite Vault encrypts all data during both transmission and storage, and each user’s encryption key is as unique as they are — no two users share the same key. Each user manages their own access. Even LifeSite employees do not have access.
“You could not build a system like this even a year ago, because a number of the core technologies we used did not even exist,” says Wong.
LifeSite provides convenient, 24/7 access to all of one’s personal information stored on LifeSite Vault. The companion LifeSite Vault mobile app is now available for download on all popular mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS, and Android.
About LifeSite
Based in Silicon Valley, LifeSite was created to inspire and empower users by connecting their heads and their hearts — providing peace of mind today, and protecting their legacy for their family and loved ones tomorrow. LifeSite’s secure, convenient, and smart web-based solutions help individuals, families and “life networks” store, organize and access the most important information in their life, anytime, anywhere. With security as their first priority, LifeSite combines secure file access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security, to provide a safe and smart digital storage solution.
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