Success for Peace, Pope Francis, BP Presidents Manhattan/Brooklyn Proclamations, Kickstarter to continue, Book Release Important

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Success for Peace, through our Peace Events!!!
Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn & Book Release
Kickstarter will continue and we need your help.

Dear Friends,

We succeeded with our three events and joined millions around the world to celebrate the International Day of Peace, GLOBAL TRUCE. We shared a message from Pope Francis and blessed all religions, race, color & creeds, and the animal and plant kingdom: , Borough President Gale Brewer of Manhattan proclaimed, , Borough President Eric Adams of Brooklyn proclaimed, .

Book Release: What Does Peace Mean to YOU? is now available at:

NOW WE need support, even $10, as we have $1,537 and we need at least $2,000 so we don’t lose the money. Our stretch goal is more, and we still have expenses, production costs, events cost, please help us continue. Please show us you care about what we are doing to spread the word about a day for Peace. Many of you have been interviewed over the past 17 years, bearing significant expenses, along with the joy and wisdom that we shared. You get great rewards for doing so. Please go to our Kickstarter Campaign:
together we can reach our goal and stretch goal.

We have grown with the Peace Day Message and as we continue our world peace pursuit, as a nonviolent worldwide day, September 21. We celebrate peaceful people (most of the world) and support good people doing work to eradicate violence in schools, fear in our streets, stopping the killing in the killing fields and so much more though our,, #peaceday and our nonprofit media/event efforts.

WHY: So we can get the word out about a Day for Peace programs, we don’t want war and violence and we can together stop it, if we focus on it. GET THE MEDIA TO SUPPORT PEACE DAY, as it doesn’t stop on September 21. As 193 countries agreed to the day, so look at your paper, watch your TV, listen to your radio and see how many featured this past Peace Day or cared about it. The Good News is that the people are learning about the day, according to McKinsey by 2016, 1.6 Billion will know about it. Just think if all the media in the world covered the International Day of Peace on their front page, all people stopped what they were doing and we together celebrated. WE CAN DO IT! WE NEED TO DO IT for our future.

GET THE POLITICIANS (like Borough Presidents of Manhattan and Brooklyn) TO PROMOTE PEACE. ASK YOUR POLITICIANS AND COMMUNITY COMMIT TO ASK EVERYONE TO PUT DOWN THEIR GUNS/KNIVES AND WORSE ON SEPTEMBER 21. There are over 6,000 Mayors For Peace, 1,000’s of Cities for Peace…. this is a movement. We must be brave for Peace, not for war and violence. Trust, believe, love…

SUCCESS for Peace Day Party. GOOD NEWS

  • Manhattan Borough President Brewer and Brooklyn Borough President Adams proclaim September 21 to be the International Day of Peace, in their boroughs. This is very Good News that we helped to create. They are both great leaders for Peace and we support their efforts for years.
  • We also were given a specific message from Pope Francis for our events, also Good News.
  • More than 1,000 people shared in our event in Times Square, 1,000’s in Central Park and a miracle happened in Brooklyn with our Peace Day Party, as it became a children’s show, along with messages from Urban Zen, Brooklynettes Hype Team, Michael Douglas, Dr. Goodall, Oprah, Ringo, David Lynch, Sarabeth…
  • Participating sponsors included: SaraBeth’s, Urban Zen, Father McWeeney, Office of Borough Presidents Manhattan and Brooklyn, Lush Cosmetics, Hugg-a-Planet, KIND Snacks, Peace Prayer Society, Vigil for International Peace and Ecology, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah Winfrey Belief Series,, #peaceday, WE, Planet Heart, 39 Steps, New York New Works Theatre, Rotary, We are Family Foundation Nile Rodgers, CEO Clubs, Shake Shack, Juniors, Copacabana, Steve Madden, New York Liberty, Brooklynettes Hype Team, I Heart Media, New York City College of Technology, ASA, St. Francis, St. Joseph, New York City Parks, Times Square Alliance, Mattie Stepanek, Barbi McCulloch, Martina Bruno, Bob Baccacia, Jonny Rusch, Bria Marie.

All we are is what we are for each other. Zeal Greenberg

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Share your Good News with us.