Super Citizens at Gotham Center Work to Create NY Food Museum

BY: Rochelle Zaltzman The Gotham Center’s mission is to examine and explore the city’s rich history. They bring together, in both real and vitual spaces, an array of talented “super citizens” to study and preseve the city’s rich and fascinating past through collaborations and promotions. Gotham offers free, quality programs to the civic, scholarly and teaching communities in NYC and beyond. New York City is mad for museums — and we are about to embrace another one, the NY Food Museum, thanks to the efforts of Gotham. The Museum’s goal is simple, but important — to get people to think about the food they eat. They want us to reconnect to the people who plant, grow, harvest, raise, catch, invent, cook, serve and clean up our food. Strengthening this connection will help us understand, appeciate and remember the benefits of sustainable living and the importance of nutrition to health and our bodies. To bolster their presence and increase their audience, the NY Food Museum has entered the world of Facebook, wikis and YouTube.