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Part. I.  Nantong City and NETDA

we take foreign investments operations professionally:

1. Nantong City, an established industrial coastal city in Jiangsu Province, has been an Open City since early 1984 when the Central Government first decided to open up its 14 coastal cities to the outside world.

Nantong has an area of 8001 square kilometers and a population of 7.66 million. In 2015, Nantong City recorded a GDP of 614.84.billion RMB and local public finance budget revenues of 62.56 billion. FDI exceeds 5 billion US dollars and paid-in capital 2.58 billion US, ranked Nantong as the 3rd largest FDI recipient in Jiangsu Province and among the top 15 recipients in China.

Nantong has long been well recognized as the Gateway to the Yangtze River. Its strategic location on the Yangtze River estuary, near Shanghai, makes it an ideal destination for foreign investment. It is voted as the Best Manufacturing Site in Greater Shanghai region in a recent survey conducted and published by an independent researcher.

2. Nantong Economic-Technological Development Area ( NETDA), some 100km north of Shanghai China, is a long established national-level industrial zone basically focused on Electronic Information Technology, Advanced Equipment Manufacturing, Automotive & Precision Machinery, Life Science, New Materials etc. to serve the vibrant Greater Shanghai community and Asia Pacific Region. NETDA was officially set up by the central government in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province back in Dec.1984 to serve foreign invested business. The Su-Tong Yangtze River Bridge (2003-2008) has brought Nantong City within one-hour driving radius of Shanghai, enabling NETDA to be the Best Manufacturing Center in the region.

NETDA master plan covers a total of 184 square kilometers and now develops a total of 50.0 square kilometers. NETDA spreads along the Yangtze River, which provides unrivalled waterway transport and inexhaustible fresh water resources without any risk of flooding.

Up till now, there are more than 2,000 industrial enterprises, 800 plus foreign-funded companies from over 30 countries and regions, total FDI exceeding USD16 billion. Over 70 are Fortune Global 500 companies.

NETDA clients are mainly from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Europe, South America and other parts of the world. NETDA is gaining momentum as an unrivalled industrial site.

2.1. Logistics and Port Facility:

NETDA is backed up with a well-structured and reliable transport network, including expressway, airway and waterway transport, which helps to provide an efficient and reliable logistics solution for local market and international export. For example, Global Logistic Properties (GLP), Asia’s largest industrial and logistics infrastructure provider, is located here.

Ports: NETDA is backed up by well-developed waterway transport facilities. A complete range of jetty and berths, tank yards etc are constructed to handle bulk, container, oil, LPG and other materials.

Nantong Port Authority,a member of Shanghai International Shipping Center, is an established port along the River, offering direct or transshipment routes to over 300 ports in about 100 countries and regions worldwide, including Osaka, Yokohama, Pusan, Hongkong, Rotterdam and Hamburg.

In 2015, Cargo turnover is over 220 million tons and container shipment more than 758,500TEUs. Container feeders travel between Nantong Port and Shanghai Port everyday for inland water connection.

Part. II. Land Plot and Supporting Facilities:

NETDA has a clear zoning principle and encourage Foreign Invested Business to consolidate our position as favored investment industrial zone.

If you prefer to lease a land plot, we’ll recommend a Land Parcel in NETDA industrial park, to ensure that your company is well positioned to pursue a long-term development.


Infrastructure and utilities are fully serviced to appropriate land plot, including access road, water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment, electricity, steam, industrial gases, telecom, and jetty and storage tanks, fire department, and medical clinic, to facilitate a quick start up.

Steam Supply

There are two steam generation plants in NETDA to provide centralized steam supply. Currently, Meiya Cogeneration Plant is capable of 410 tons of steam per hour. Jiangshan Cogeneration Plant has designed capacity of 450 tons of steam and currently is able to supply 300 tons per hour capacity.

Fresh Water Supply:

Water is supplied on double-feed basis.

Hong Gang Water Works: 400,000ton per day.

Lang Shan Water Works: 200,000tons per day.

Drainage System:

Rainwater and wastewater is separated and discharged into rainwater pipes and sewage pipes respectively, already laid underground in the Site.


Wastewater Treatment (WWT)

There are two wastewater treatment works in NETDA. The first one is in operation since 1993 with a current capacity 83,000ton per day and the new one is now 70,000ton per day. Both of them are designed for further expansion. Industrial wastewater is generally required to be pre-treated by the Company to meet National Standards Category-III. Then, it is pumped to WWT for further treatment before it is allowed to discharge into the Yangtze.

WWT is also equipped with a workshop to treat high-density industrial effluents.

Solid Waste Disposal:

There is a Solid Waste Comprehensive Disposal Center in Nantong city, which handles industrial solid wastes. NETDA Qingyuan Solid Waste Disposal Factory is an audited solid waste disposal facility to serve the local community.

Power Supply:

Power is supplied on double-feed basis without interruption from two independent power plants in Nantong City and linked with East China Power Grid. NETDA has a surplus of power supply. In NETDA, there are four 220KV substation and seven 110KV stations to step down voltages.

Fuel Gas(LPG)

LPG is now readily available in NETDA. The annual supplying capacity is 500,000 tons/year.

LNG(natural gas) pipeline was finished early in the end of 2007. Nantong Dazhong Gas Co., Ltd has one LNG Storage station in port Industrial No.3 Park with the capacity of 40 million cubic meters per year.

Industrial Gas

Industrial gases are also available on site in NETDA from air separation facility.

Jetty & Storage:

NETDA is fully supported with several deep-water jetties and storage capacity of 830,000cubic meters. Such facilities are within easy access.

Nantong Port Authority is the most important water transport hub along the Yangtze River, handling container, bulk and other various products.

Fire Department

Safety First is strictly observed in NETDA. A special Owners’ Mutual Fire Brigade is jointly sponsored and supported by government and producers in NETDA to reduce capital investment and operating costs for each investor. Together with government-funded fire fighting stations, this provides quick and efficient fire emergency response.

Medical Support:

Rich Hospital, located inside NETDA is within 10 minutes drive to provide emergency medical care.


NETDA telecomm services offer direct international connections to over 150 countries. Facsimile, pagers, mobile telephones, telegrams, dedicated leased lines, telex facilities and high-speed Internet connections are also readily available. Satellite TV networks also provides international and domestic channels to make NETDA a home away from home.

Part. III. Supporting Service and Incentives:

Investment Service:

NETDA Administration Committee is authorized to administer and coordinate the development of the whole industrial estate. We offer one-stop investment service including registry of incorporation, customs house, taxation, insurance, accounting, lawyer’s office, banking and many others.

NETDA provides ready support for documentation/approval of entry/exit of foreign expatriates or local employees for overseas training.

Our mission is to provide a pro-active business practice, covering every step of foreign investment, to facilitate a comfortable and predictable business environment.

Community Facility: 

Apart from what it takes to do business, we are also committed to develop community facilities including residential quarter, commercial center, hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, cable television, recreational facility.

In Nantong City, there are two 5-star hotels, four 4-star hotels to accommodate foreign businessmen. Satellite Cable TV is also available to provide CNN, CNBC, HK Star World, MTV, BS2, NHK, WOWOW and other international channels.


Human Resources:

  1. Nantong is well recognized for education and technical training heritage. A 7.66million population provides a big talent pool. Local workforce is generally known for its better education, hard work, low mobility, high productivity and teamwork spirit.
  2. In Nantong, there are seven universities, forty-four vocational schools, a number of training institutions, providing training courses in electronic information, engineering, medical fields etc., and well backed by 465 high schools. Besides, a more than beautiful and typically European architectural style international school with Singaporean management is in NETDA as well.
  3. Employee Payroll:

Local employee payroll is roughly 30% lower, as compared to Shanghai and south Jiangsu cities.

Investment Incentives:

NETDA provides the following favorable policies for your project including:

  1. Land Acquisition
  2. Tax Revenues Refund
  3. Talents Incentive Schemes
  4. Special Administration Fee Reduction & Exemption Scheme
  5. Provision of Office and Staff Apartments
  6. Other Financial Support and Incentives

Besides the above policies, based on the principle of Case-By-Case, as long as you meet the requirements, you can apply for all the other favorable support policies of NETDA, NTTZ (Nantong Free Trade Zone) and Nantong city, such as Preferential Policies of NFTZ, Industrial Support Policies, Incentive Policies for High-tech Enterprises, Incentive Policies for Foreign Trade, Special Support Policies for Major Projects.

Part IV. Investments Today:

Food Processing, textile(home-made textile), Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Automotive & Precision Machinery, Equipment Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Electronic Information and Modern Service are the traditionally competitive and modern development-focused industries in Nantong City, due to its industrial heritage, utilities sufficiency and cost-competitiveness, technical manpower, low labor cost and high productivity.

Existing Investments (Part of Well-known MNCs):


1) German

METRO, MERCK, Bayer, LANXESS, TITAL, Schweizer Electronics

2) France

Auchan, Carrefour, Air Liquide

3) UK

TESCO, DEVRO, AstraZeneca

4) Switzerland

Roche, Novartis, Siegfried, Givaudan, Syngenta

5) Denmark


6) Sweden


7) Austria

Hirschmann Automotive


Cargill, Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, Ticona, ITT Industries, Eli Lilly, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Johnson Controls, Caterpillar, DOW, Rhom & Haas, GE, Westinghouse, Chemtura, GLP (Global Logistic Properties), Honeywell, Momentive Performance Materials, Pollrich, Reilly Industries, Celanese


  1. Japan

Marubeni, Hitachi, Toshiba, Kanematsu, Toray, Teijin, Itochu, Asahi Kasei, Fujitsu, Polyplastics, Kureha, Mitsubishi Corp, Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Rayon, ShiEtsu Chemical, Toyota Tsusho, Sumitomo, Kawasaki, Oji Paper, Sojitz Corp, Daio Paper, KOBELCO, Nisshin Steel, Nippon Steel, JFE Holdings, DIC, Bank of Nagoya

2) Korea

POSCO, Hyosung, Hanwha, Kiswire & Arcelor Group

3) Singapore

Kinergy, Fong’s Engineering, Unistar, Keppel, Noble Group

4) Hong Kong

China Resources, HSBC

5) Taiwan

CMC Magnetics, TRSC, Formosa Plastics, Formosa Petrochemical, Merida Bicycle

6) Mainland of China

Petro China, SNPTC, SHAGANG Group, BAO STEEL, COSCO, CIMC, ZPMC, China Datang Corporation, SINOCHEM Corp., China Aviation Industry, China Railway Group