Every have a Chia Bar? A letter from Shane, Health Warrior CEO – Watch the Video and join in

Good morning!

We are more than 75% towards completing our Kickstarter campaign, with just eight (8) days to go — please read below and consider supporting the project, or even upping your commitment with one of our awesome new rewards.

If you are new to Operation Farm & Run, the background is that Health Warrior was inspired by the best-selling book, Born to Run. My co-founders and I read about the Tarahumara people of Mexico who run 25+ miles in sandals, powered by lives rich in movement and superfoods like chia seeds.

Born to Run

Unfortunately, in recent years, the Tarahumara have faced a dire drought forcing many of them to flee their homes in the remote Copper Canyons in search of food and work.

We now have an opportunity to give back to these amazing people and help preserve their inspiring culture. Pledge to our Kickstarter campaign to support our new philanthropic arm, Operation Farm & Run. All profits from the campaign will restore drought-stricken farms and set up a chia-farming operation to eventually supply our new flavor of Mexican Chocolate Chia Bars, setting up a recurring source of revenue for the Tarahumara.

Tarahumara harvesting chia on the one restored farm so far

This project means so much to us at Health Warrior, but it means a lot more to the Tarahumara. It is hard to explain how far these funds will go, but let me tell you one short story to try and illustrate the mission.

Omeotl, who goes by “Tony,” is the young child seen in the Kickstarter film. He is round about four years old and a true charmer. Every morning I was in the Copper Canyons for the first chia harvest on the one farm we have restored so far, Tony would come sprinting out of his room and head down to the river for a dip, and then spend the day bringing joy to everyone working in the chia fields (he also managed to get a hold of our CFO’s cell phone and post some LinkedIn updates for him).


The week prior to our visit for the harvest, Tony was stung by a scorpion and his family almost lost him. This form of danger – simple accidents and illness sans readily available medical care – is constant in the Sierra Tarahumara. We can’t fix all of this, but it offers a window into the wholly different daily battles waged by the Tarahumara. Thanks to the first installation of Operation Farm & Run, Tony is living now with consistent warmth, a good diet, and lots of friends and family. His family farm was the first we refurbished. I hope we can help Tony’s friends next. It’s a harsh yet incredibly special place. There are so many things we take for granted that are completely absent there. But no one complains. They love their land, their stars, their farms, and their runs.Please pledge to the Kickstarter and help us give back to the people without whom there would be no Health Warrior and from whom we can learn so much. With every pledge, there are awesome rewards (we added new ones!).

Shane Emmett
CEO and Co-Founder
Health Warrior

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All backers of the Kickstarter campaign at $5 or more will be among the first to try our new Mexican Chocolate Chia Bar flavor. Higher levels of support will be rewarded with Health Warrior branded apparel, water bottles, custom made Tarahumara themed art, and even the opportunity to run with a visiting Tarahumara runner before this year’s Boston Marathon