Are You Going E-mail Crazy?

A recent study found that a shocking number of people (43%) are checking e-mail in their bedroom, and they admit to checking e-mail while in the bathroom, driving, on vacation and even in church. The AOL Study revealed that e-mail use on mobile devices has nearly doubled since 2004, and 59% check e-mail every time it arrives in their in-boxes. 15% admit they are “addicted” to e-mail. Business software expert Larry Ritter examines this e-mail insanity, and what people and businesses can do to help control the message mania. Ritter is Senior VP of Sage Software with more than 20 years experience developing communication software. He says checking e-mail can actually hurt productivity and take a toll on personal life. Ritter takes a look at this widely-reported study, and has some common sense solutions for e-* * Filter Fun – Setting up simple e-mail filters to save time and brain cells *Kill Kill Kill – A search and destroy system to keeping your mailbox at zero * Time Management Mania – Simple system to prioritize e-mail time * Biz Wiz – Time-saving software to help “addicts” work smarter