British author and motivational speaker Debi Tibbles..

debi-tibblesDebi Tibbles,

author of All Aboard! How Ollie Tibbles Became A Train

A spiritual journey about a small boy’s dream, his suffering and every parent’s worst nightmare; losing their child. Lost in grief Debi experiences a profound moment that would dramatically change the course of her life and it would come via her child. A gift her son Ollie wanted to bestow upon his mother, a gift for ALL to share.

About Debi Tibbles

Debi was born and raised in England and relocated to the United States 12 years ago and enjoyed being a stay at home Mum to her three children while working part time in the fitness industry. However, a short time after her arrival her life changed dramatically when her youngest child Ollie, age 5 was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. He battled bravely for two years before sadly losing his life at age 7. Lost in grief, Debi experienced a profound moment which was to change the course of her life and path forever when she began writing her book entitled All Aboard! How Ollie Tibbles Became A Train , published in October 2010 which is the journey of her son, her loss and how the impact affected her and her family and all who came to know her. The book and its message; of love, pain and ultimate survival is testimony to Debis strength when faced with every parents nightmare and how the power of love and faith proves that amidst the horror of such loss there is life after death; the message of which Debi shares via her platform today as a Motivational Speaker for Childrens Memorial Hospital, Chicago and the Make A Wish Foundation of Illinois where she shares her experiences at live events and also via the airwaves, most recently with John St.

Augustine, creator of Oprah Radio. Her candid, honest and open approach when sharing the loss of a child is both powerful and inspiring and has helped many parents to heal when dealing with such devastation. Currently Debi is working on her second book, Good Grief where she tackles head on the power of grief, the lessons learnt and in healing, the good that can arise and eventual peace and joy. Recently, Debi was invited to join the Motivational Alarm Clock team, created by Robin Palmer and in June launched her My Good Grief Wake Up Calls; messages of healing for those suffering loss.

Currently Debi resides in the Upper Peninsular of Michigan with her partner Jennifer. When not writing or speaking Debi enjoys time with her family, teaching group fitness, hiking outdoors and can often be found flirting with mankind on Facebook.