Gotham Green celebrates its 3rd Awards Ceremony Part 1 + 2 + 3 + 4


Friars Club, NYC  December 4, 2014 – Gotham Networking held its 3rd and most memorable GOtham Green Awards ceremony recognizing companies and people who are making important contributions toward  a more sustainable, and energy efficient world for all of us.  There were 8 winners each contributing in a unique area and in some fascinating ways.  These are the people who will help shape our futures by introducing such things as: ways to better utilize our resources, tools to improve our self-reliance as a country, implementing new and improved ways to build, creating new ways to use our waste, using old spaces in new ways, and providing new options for growing produce.

There were many very qualified applications representing a variety of Businesses, and nonprofits that are doing great things to advance our move toward greater sustainability.   The Winners were selected and THEY ARE:

AgriArk – Princeton, NJ   Offer a closed loop solution taking food waste and turning it into products that regenerate the soil. They also provide healthy greens through our greenhouse growing operation.  This method is the most efficient and least costly method of processing food waste.

Bright Energy Services   White Plains, NY    A full service firm specializing in energy   conservation/reduction.  The firm deploys tailored energy efficiency solutions and leverages renewable energy technologies to help commercial and industrial property owners reduce their carbon footprint.

CCI Energy Solutions  Uniondale, NY     A sustainable energy solutions provider that helps building owners, developers, co-op boards, and managing agents plans and implement energy efficiency projects, including natural gas conversion, combined heat and power installation, energy procurement, and energy conservation measures.
Eco- Brooklyn   Brooklyn, NY     Providing cutting edge green building solutions since 2008. Eco Brooklyn focuses on the most radical green building techniques in order to find ground breaking solutions to our ecological problems.  We try to build with 100% salvaged materials. We attempt to create no waste by reusing as much as possible. Our goal is to use more garbage than we create.  We build super high efficiency homes.

Green Hospitality Initiative, NY     The GHI is a NYSRAEF program to provide free support to New York Restaurants in adopting profitable green strategies to help create more sustainable and financially sound businesses for the community and to positively impact the environment.  The GHI has been funded the past 4 years through grants from the Environmental Protection Agency and the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute.

Tri- State Bio Diesel Bronx, NY   Tri-State Biodiesel focuses on the development and implementation of urban-based biodiesel projects utilizing non-food crop biodiesel feedstocks, such as Used Cooking Oil, Jatropha, Oil and Algae Oil.  Tri-State Biodiesel’s provides recycling services to restaurants, cafeterias, caterers and food providers. They acquire cooking oil with the sole purpose of providing it as fuel for home heating, diesel engines, generators and construction equipment.

Brooklyn Grange   Brooklyn, NY    They design, install and manage urban rooftop farms in NYC.  Its 2 rooftop vegetable farms comprise 2 ½ acres and produce 50,000 pounds of organically grown vegetables each year.  It also has the largest apiary in NYC with 30 honey bee hives.   Its produce find its way to local kitchens and restaurants.

Sustainable Princeton    Princeton, NY     Educates, engages and excites the Princeton community about how to reduce energy and waste.  A nonprofit whose motto is Change a habit.