Article I: Definitions

  • Name:The name of the organization is Good News Corporation, 501c3 which would be referred to as (GNC501c3).
  • Institutional Media:Any organization or individual that counts revenues drawn from the creation or distribution of materials related to news, entertainment, performances or events as a major sustainable revenue resource.
  • Organization:The organization is a voluntary association of media professional and organizations who are interested in the mission and objectives of GNC501c3. GNC501c3 is an independent not-for-profit 501-C-3, non-governmental, not affiliated with any political or any religious group or organization of what so ever origin. The organization is established to promote the positive impact institutional media is making upon societies around the world through news, entertainment and events.
  • Member:GNC501c3 considers any qualified media professional with a distinguished record of achievements in content creation and distribution to be eligible for acceptance into the society as defined above. The GNC501c3 encourages all qualified applicants to join irrespective of their religion, race, ethnicity, sex, age, and health conditions.
  • Qualified:Professional communications designed to be non-violent, non-defamatory, non-exclusive, life-affirming, thought-provoking and positive: Problem-solving, not problem-finding.

Article II:

  • Mission
    • GNC501c3, a not-for-profit and global media organization, is established to create and maintain communications, disseminate and promote research information, foster professional collaboration among media professionals and interested organizations, for their advancement and benefit for the world at large.
  • Objectives
    • To establish and maintain professional collaborations among media professionals all over the world.
    • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge in various fields among media professionals, regardless of locality.
    • To highlight the accomplishments of media professionals in the world as a model to future generations of media professionals and audiences.
    • To enhance the development of research and education in various communities.
    • To contribute marketing, creative and distribution support to different qualified organizations and individuals within communities.
    • To enhance awareness of media professional in the international community.
  • Activities
    • Objectives shall be achieved by any or all of the following activities:
    • Creation of an GNC501c3 web site.
    • Provide a networking resource for members.
    • Publish newsletter (published monthly).
    • Facilitate access to media business resources for students and professionals
    • Schedule and perform regular meetings.
    • Hold group discussions.
    • Organize consultation services.
    • Facilitate research activities.
    • Hold conferences, performances, public lectures and symposia.
    • Facilitate art and cultural exhibitions.
    • Conduct social activities.

Article III: Location

The GNC501c3 Headquarters will be located in New York, New York, U.S.A.

Article IV: Board of Trustees

The members of this board are those who are the founders and officers of the Organization, namely: (Sladkus, P., Jerry Alteri, Richard Frame.)

Article V: International Board of Directors

  • The International Board of Directors shall be considered as the U.S.A. Branch Board of Directors up till the year 2007.
  • The International Board of Directors may establish a Branch in a Country other than U.S.A. in which 50 members are residing. Further Branches for the different States of the U.S.A., shall be established in the year 2005 or thereafter.
  • The Branch may establish Chapters in any State in the U.S.A. or City in any Country in which 25 members are residing.
  • A Division may be formed within a Chapter of the Branch if there are 25 members, all having the same field of specialization.
  • In the year 2006, the Board shall consist of 6 elected members (3 members and 3 reserves) from the society members worldwide.
  • During the years 2000-2010, the Board shall consist of 3 elected members (3 members and 3 reserves) from the society members in the USA plus Chairmen of the Boards of Directors of all Countries Branches.
  • The members (See Membership Guidelines below) of the International Board of Directors shall be elected and consists as follows:
    • Not less than 2 Fellow Members.
    • Not more than 1 Associate Members.
    • Not more than 1 Assistant members.
  • The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the International Board of Directors shall both be Fellow Members.
  • Elected members of the Board of Directors shall elect the secretary and treasurer from among them.
  • The international Board of Directors will establish different committees to achieve the objectives of GNC501c3.
  • A member of the elected International Board of Directors shall head one of the named committees.
  • Branch, Chapter or Division shall form their individual Board of Directors following the same rules of the International Board of Directors.

Article VI: Membership Grades and Guidelines

  • Full membership is open to any eligible media professional as previously defined.
  • Nomination of a new member must be supported and recommended by a least two members of GNC501c3.
  • For the purpose of nomination to the Board of Director, the grade of membership is awarded to an applicant who must be recommended by an evaluation committee that will be formed by the Board of Directors. The approval of the committee recommendations must bear two third majority of the Board of Directors.
    • Fellow:Who has a distinguished professional record of activities in his field of specialization and satisfies at least one of the following:
      • Holds the academic title Master.
      • Bearer of a Master degree or the equivalent, followed by not less than 8 years of professional experience.
    • Associate:Who has a record of professional activities in his field of specialization and bears of a Master degree or the equivalent, followed by not less than five years of professional media experience.
    • Assistant:is the Bearer of a Bachelor degree, or holding an equivalent degree.
    • Honorary:This membership is open to all professional who have accomplished distinguished institutional media achievements, and his or her application must be recommend by two Fellow members.
    • Individual:This membership is open to all non-media professionals who are holding an accredited degree who are committed to the above mentioned mission and objectives of GNC501c3, where their application shall be recommend by two members.
    • Corporate:This membership may be granted to Professional Institutions in accordance with GNC501c3 mission and objectives.

Article VII: Annual Membership Dues for Supporting Bodies

  • Corporate $ 500
  • Associate: $100
  • Individual: $100
  • Honorary: free

Member Benefits:

  • GNC501c3 shall issue documents and provide the following services to all registered members:
    • Membership Certificate
    • Name, title, specialty and address will be in GNC501c3 database
    • Electronic communication
    • Bi-monthly Newsletter