Hallelujah from Joy

Celestial Magician Tudor garden, In the morning early spring, The slightest spring rain from the sky, like water from heaven, nuring the earth. The song” singin’ in the rain” resound in my ears, I just want to sing and dance in the rain, and kiss the rain. I still wear winter clothes in this early spring. Chilly wind blowing in my face and hair. I see flowers and leaf buds appear on the branches. A Piaf is singing little songs. When I close my eyes, I see Snow White Doves eating red rose salad, Shimmering Humming Birds sucking nector from exorbitant fragrance of honeysuckle , orchids, Lily Of The Valley, tube rose, hydrangea, jasmin. casablanca, baby’s breath, Cala Lily and Peony. I feel Nature’s like a Celestial Magician. It’s time for spring, Spring must blossom. It doesn’t matter whatsoever, Just like a glorious eastern Sun Will Rise to the middle of the sky. This’s written by Zhen Joy Lin on the auspicious day April 8th morning sun’s shining on her face after rain at Tudor City in Manhattan.