Harold Channer

harold-huson-channerHarold Channer speaks to Tiffany Lin from MSI Computers, Jennie Nevin from Green Spaces  and Paul Sladkus from Good News Broadcast  on his show Conversations With Harold Channer on 05 06 09.  The show announced a partnership with all three.  MSI donated a energy efficient Green All in One Computer to Green Spaces, Brooklyn, New  York.  www.goodnewsbroadcast.com documented and promoted the Good Corporate Citizen MSI outreach. Harold’s show is the longest running talk show in Public Access in New  York City, he is considered the father of Public Access and President of the Producers organization.  Harold has interviewed many of the most revered technology guru’s including Buckminster Fuller and Marshall McLuhan.

To watch this hour long special program go to:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDMCo-IQe7M