How To Use Us

MISSION OF GOOD NEWS:  To find, receive, create life affirming, thought provoking, educational Good News, Entertainment and Events. POSITIVE NEWS.


OUR COMMUNITY:  We have come very far with your help and you’re Good News, since July 4, 1998.  We have seen HOPE AND SOLUTIONS in our programming that the people of the world are good and Mother Earth is still OKAY. We all know that every person, animal, place and thing, needs the tender love we are capable of giving. We are all in this together.


HOW TO USE OUR SITE:  All of our programs are “Evergreen,” meaning that our Good News, Entertainment and Events are worthy of seeing over and over again. So, you will see shows from the early days or later, in our Subjects, i.e. All we Need is Love, Arts and Leisure, Communities… please browse through them as there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared every day. You might also see an archived story on “Today’s Good News,” (featured in the large TV/video screen above), such as a story from “The Water Hour” which started in 2002, because of its relevance to a current situation like Hurricane Sandy. We are not discarding anyone’s Good News story unless requested. Also, we have more than 3,000 shows that need to be re-posted on our site due to earlier technical issues.


TECHNICAL REALITIES:  Since our beginnings we are aware that some of our shows don’t have the same high technical standard of when I was at CBS and PBS.  However, with very little money we have created over 5,000 shows in which the content is “ as good as it gets” so when we have the funds and or investment in place you will see the same type of Good News Content taped and switched with 3 cameras, more editing as we often put up raw footage, more TV/Radio network hosts, more crew with the latest equipment.


FUNDING AND MEMBERSHIP:  Please donate to our nonprofit 501 c3.


EQUITY INVESTMENT:  Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC) has an equity opportunity for an investor to make significant money and “do good” at the same time with us.


GOOD NEWS CORPORATE CHANNELS, ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIP:  We will create a channel for you, i.e., Johnson and Johnson to share your social responsibility outreach and the good that you do.  Additionally, we have outstanding advertising opportunities in collaboration with Time Warner and sponsorship for sections of the website and major events.


Paul Sladkus, Founder and President of Milestone Broadcast Corporation and