Charlotte Santomero, International Debutante Ball and parents speak about the experience at the Ball. The Ball was a wonderful opportunity for new friendships and for Charlotte and family to share their love with each other. The family came to our new studio at 53rd and Madison, NYC, please stop in and say hello. Video.

Here are some thoughts that Charlotte shares with Good News. Education

Q: With so much going on in your life, studying at UCLA, interning at the Hudson Institute, flying, working with your sorority on domestic violence issues, etc. how do you have time to add the International Ball to an already packed schedule?

A: While its accurate I am ‘adding a Ball’ to an already busy schedule, I see it more as doing my part to raise money for the Soldier’s, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airman’s Club and other International Debutante Ball Foundation charities. The servicemen especially are in need of our support for their unfailing commitment to the security of our country. I think it is important to remember that no one is too busy to help another and the best way to lead is by example.

Q: What do your friends think when you tell them you are a debutant?

A: My friends are proud to know someone who has committed their time to support the International Debutante Ball charities. But the romance of such a spectacular evening is not lost on them either; and I think there Is a great deal of excitement and support for those of us who chose to make a debut in honor of such charitable organizations. For example, my best friend from St. Paul’s School flew in from the Cayman Islands to join me at the Ball, and she too was impressed by how much these young women do for their communities.

Q: A Ball seems so old fashioned, you have to curtsy and allow a young man to escort you to the stage. What’s your take on social niceties, manners and your generation? Do you find conversation a dying art form with everyone texting instead?

A: I agree that conversation is a dying art form. It is an unfortunate unintended consequence of the continued acceleration of technological advances. Nevertheless, the ability to converse on multiple levels with many people on a myriad of subjects is still an important and requisite skill for any successful individual. Events such as the International Debutante Ball are an important opportunity for each of us to practice our conversation skills with young women and their families from around the world.

Q: Are you the first pilot debutant?

A: Well, I’m not certain, but while I may be the first debutante who flies her own plane, I am but one among hundreds of International Debutantes over the past 62 years who have distinguished themselves in many areas. From coast to coast to most every continent on the globe, the International Ball has always sought leaders, adventurers and young women with the initiative to accomplish the most ambitious of goals. I am proud to have been chosen to be among this group of august debutantes.

Here is Charlottes background.

Charlotte Young Santomero
393 Guard Hill Road, Bedford, NY 10506


UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
Economics and History double major

St. Paul’s School
Concord, New Hampshire

Work Experience

2016 Summer
Lordae Management
Summer intern at real estate management company making rent collection calls, showing property and participating in weekly staff meetings. Also spearheaded a seminal project to create three dimensional drawings of approximately one hundred commercial buildings to be used for ongoing system maintenance and website postings. Became proficient in CAD program SketchUp 3D modeling software.

Volunteer Experience

2011- Present
Republican Clubs
Bruin Republicans Club at UCLA, Financial Director and Treasurer
St. Paul’s School Young Republicans Club, four-year active member

Political Campaigns
Coordinated phone banks with up to 50 callers each year, encompassing multiple campaigns for Governors, Congressman and local officials from the town boards to the school boards in Bedford, NY. Received first-hand knowledge of basic political campaigns and the process required to both run as a candidate and manage a campaign, including installing countless lawn signs, printing and distributing flyers.

Westchester Community College
Assisted in hosting numerous lectures by conservative political leaders including former presidential national security advisers, foreign policy experts including former Mideast ambassadors and WSJ editorial-page writers, congressmen, mayors, state senators and assemblymen. Started as a server, evolved into hostess and chaperone for the many dignitaries and guests, receiving first-hand education in the intricacies of foreign policy and politics. Recent guests have included: Elaine Chao, Scooter Libby, Paul Gigot, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Bret Stephens, Dan Henninger, Will Shortz, and Ambassador John Bolton.

2014 – Present
Global Scribes™
Youth leader for start-up not-for-profit that connects youth throughout the world, ages 10-21, by building cultural understanding through monthly shared essays. As Youth Leader, I choose the ‘monthly word’ that inspires the stories, organize 400+ scribes to write stories, publish writings and videos on our website and YouTube Channel, and recruit others to participate.

2001 – Present
SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
SPCA of Concord Merrimack County, New Hampshire – Missionary Head for St. Paul’s School SPCA of Briarcliff Manor, New York – fundraise and socialize animals for adoption

2009 – Present
Acolyte and Chapel Warden
St. Paul’s Church, Concord, New Hampshire
St. Matthew’s Church, Bedford, New York

2005 – 2006
St. Matthew’s Church
Youth Group Representative selected to rebuild churches destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast. Toured, with local ministers and bishops, the ravaged areas three weeks after destruction. Went to approximately 15 destroyed churches and spent three days working in the shelters of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Delivered critical supplies donated by our church parishioners. Made multiple trips to the area, rebuilding selected churches, including attending the eventual dedication and consecration of the new structures.

Additional Information

Domestic Travel – To each of the 50 United States, with most trips focused heavily on our country’s history, economy, and geography.
International Travel – Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, England, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Galapagos, Ecuador, Canada, Scotland, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine.
Private Pilot – Dedicated the summers of 2014 and 2015 to earning my private pilot’s license. I have soloed, passed the written test and completed my cross country flight.
Sports – Skeet and trap shooting, scuba diving, golf, squash, skiing, horseback riding, cross country running.
Software Knowledge – Attended Flatiron School for coding in NYC. Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SketchUp.