Katrina 11th Anniversary Remembered with Love

Katrina was a human tragedy of major proportions with loss of 1,800 and effecting millions. We pray for strength to all those affected forever. Our nonprofit 501 c 3 Good News Corporation along with many created the first benefit concert 11 years ago on the 23rd Street pier. Many joined in and we raised much needed money that we donated to the Salvation Army.

Much still needs to be done, so please send contributions earmarked for Katrina to either our Good News Corporation or the Salvation Army.

Peace and love is the answer plus caring for Mother Earth, as it was the environment and water level that caused the Katrina disaster.

As we know you are a Do Gooder, please join us for our www.peacedayparty.org events, on September 16th Times Square and the 18th in Central Park Bandshell.

Peace and Love