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Milestone Broadcast Corporation, established in 1985, is the parent company of Good News Planet (est. 1998).  MBC is a full service integrated multi-cultural/niche and advertising media management organization.  MBC represented most of the ethnic media in America for the Asian, African, European, Hispanic/Latin, and Middle Eastern, as well as seniors, Gay/Lesbian, Native America communities.  Client’s like, ATT, IBM, Citibank, Delta Airlines Sprint, US Postal Service, Western Union, and many others.  MBC has created 1,000’s of events, campaigns, and is recognized by NY Times, Wall Street Journal and other major media as a leader in niche marketing and an innovator in researching the multi-cultural communities. MBC also has a long history in the Asian Market with programming, events and helped to bring the first Rock and Roll music into China.  MBC is known for doing firsts with many ethnic communities

MBC created a nonprofit in 2002, Good News Corporation a 501 C 3 to reach out to humanitarian projects and to teach understanding of communications.

Over 300 people have worked at MBC over the years as believers in the Positive Mission.

MBC  owns has trademarked a design of the Happy Face with arms and legs.

MBC has two movies, two Broadway shows, a Good News Book, a University and a merchandising outreach that are in process of going to market.


MBC was founded by Paul Sladkus who has 40 years of diversified experience in the communications industry. He and his company have successfully carried out numerous production, fund raising, advertising/marketing/public relations, new technology and management assignments.

Prior to GNB, Paul was an executive with CBS & PBS Television for fourteen years working on more than 150 television shows and series..

Paul’s media credits include:
Emmy’s for Love of Life on CBS, The Nature Series and The Brain Series on PBS/NHK/French.
Other credits:
All in the Family – The Emmys – The Oscars – Sonny and Cher – Good Times – AFI Salute to James Cagney and Orson Wells – Captain Kangaroo – Maude – Match Game – Carol Burnett – WCBS News – LA Lakers – Tony Orlando – The Young and the Restless – Cronkite – The Price Is Right – Rose Bowl Parade – Shirley MacLaine – Innovation – The Pacific Century – All Time Music Songbook – Big Band Music – World Earth Day (with NHK), and other environmental specials – The Water Hour (80 Hours Produced) – UN International Peace Day, and, The UN International Water Day since their inception .

Paul Sladkus is an environmentalist and humanitarian. Paul’s undergraduate degree was from Quinnipiac University, Hamden, Connecticut and Masters was from Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut. Paul plays saxophone and piano. Paul is an ordained Interfaith Minister. His daughter Jennifer is a School Psychologist/Mom along with her husband has two children Jason and Julia, Paul is a proud Poppi.


MBC’s creative production experience began in 1972 with MBC’s founder, Paul Sladkus working at CBS & PBS for over 14 years.  Paul’s background as Production/Studio Manger, Business Manager, Marketing Director and Producer helped to create over 150 Award winning TV Shows, including: CBS’s All in The Family, Sonny and Cher, Carol Burnett, Love of Life, Network News and PBS’s Nature and Brain Series.

Then in 1985 MBC was created as a multi-cultural and niche markets marketing/advertising/public relations organization.  MBC has been identifying the most viable markets for products/ services and devising a complete marketing campaign nationally and internationally.  MBC has helped create the desired brand image for its clients that have produced sales in the multi-cultural or niche marketplace. Corporate clients United Airlines, Citibank, Green Point Savings, Delta Airlines, Club Med, AT & T, Kraft/General Foods, IBM, United States Postal Service (USPS),  Sprint, Tropicana Hotel, Western Union and the Campbell Soup Company.

We have successfully worked within the African, Asian, European, Hispanic/Latin and Middle Eastern communities, as well as projects for the Senior, Children, Women, Native Indian, Gay/Lesbian. Campaigns for leading advertising agencies, Y & R , BBDO, JWT, O & M, Ayer, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann have occurred.

Extensive multi-cultural research has brought MBC critical acclaim from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AdWeek, ethnic newspapers in America and throughout the world. MBC’s first study was focused on the Asian American community. MBC completed the largest ethnic research study ever undertaken in which 31 different ethnic groups participated in a survey appearing in 53 leading ethnic newspapers. The study was done in collaboration with St. John’s University Asian Studies and the United Nations.MBC has created and managed hundreds of cultural events. We created the First European and Middle Eastern American Marketing conference on Ellis Island.

Additionally, MBC has raised millions of dollars for numerous events and has sponsored over 1,000. . For the USPS, one project, named “Let’s Write!” commemorated the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovering Puerto Rico. The event received praise from President Clinton, as well as governors, mayors, celebrities and other political notables; in addition it received unprecedented media coverage. The program also became an outreach for the USPS concern in OKC and MBC brought 100 people to hand out 10,000 letters to those children affected by the bombing in OKC. MBC has been involved with Cinco De Mayo and other Hispanic events throughout America. Some other projects have been; introducing the first American Music into China, national tour of Raj Kapoor’s daughter’s book, 10 part series titled The Pacific Century for PBS, Special Chinese section in The New York Times  and the creative/marketing for the first Lunar New Year Stamp to the world. We have Good News China on our website, as we have the opportunity to interview the leaders from China and Taiwan, as well as create public relations for many Chinese organizations.

Over the years some highlights that our company has done with the Chinese are; Public relations for the Same Song, Da Ming Palace American Tour, represented all Chinese media in America,  strong associations in China and Taiwan, NY Director of Pacific Rim Chamber & AICOC, , created marketing for the Chinese Lunar US Postal Stamp worldwide, created Jade Room opening at Tropicana Hotel with Peking Acrobats, created first Asian group into Macy’s Day Parade, first Asian event in Yankee Stadium, Marketing in Times Square and Buses in NYC, we have  Chinese Board Members and executives on staff, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Sponsors, funding for Pacific Century PBS TV Series, and sing in a Chinese singing group.  We have been part of the community for years and believe in the hard work and giving character of the Chinese.

MBC, created in 1998, Good News Planet (GNP),,  a award winning multi-media company who was one of the first broadcasting in the WEB.  Our mission was to find, receive and create Good News, Entertainment and Events with a positive mission.  We leveraged advanced media technologies created by GNP to become interactive and social, and used our 40 years of CBS & PBS Network and independent broadcast experience, to build our company.  GNP has over 5,000 shows featured interviews and performances from well-known people and companies to our everyday citizens of the world who make up the Good News Family of content.  The results are goodwill and increased market presence, and in many cases sales. . This has made GNP an ideal media partner for corporations, philanthropists, foundations that are seeking to promote goodwill worldwide for their products, brands, services and the good work that they do.

Good News Corporation (GNC), a 501 C-3 is our humanitarian outreach.  We have done projects to raise money for Katrina victims, in Tanzania for those with no food and in 2013 in New York City; Central Park Great Lawn.   GNC will produce a worldwide event to celebrate UN World Peace Day and to PAUSE THE WORLD, on September 21 with some of the leading entertainers and speakers of the world.
We look forward to speaking with you and creating Good News together.

MBC Media Contact: Paul Sladkus, Metropolitan Exchange Bank, 33 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY  11217

Telephone:  (212) 647-1212:

Full Business Plan, video and power point presentations available upon request.

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Milestone Broadcast Corporation has exclusive rights to all video, audio, text, photos content on our website,

Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC), a for-profit company, was founded in 1985 by CBS/PBS TV Executive Paul Sladkus.  Paul helped create Award Winning programming for All in The Family, Sonny andCher, and Carol Burnett on CBS; and Nature and The Brain Series ($20M project) on PBS.  He has overseen a $60M TV network division.  MBC was one of the leading full-service, multi-cultural and multi-million dollar marketing organizations with clients that included:  Citibank, Delta Airlines, IBM, Sprint, Western Union, US Postal Service. On July 4, 1998 MBC created the for profit division Good News Planet (GNP).  In 2002 MBC created a non profit 501 C 3 titled Good News Corporation.

Milestone International Presentation:

GNP is a rapidly growing, GOOD NEWS lifestyle-integrated media creator and content aggregator for business and THE WORLDS HUMANITARIAN efforts.  It is one of the first streaming media companies with both short- and long-form broadcasts.  GNB creates and receives content from domestic and international sources and impartially distributes this news, entertainment, and events.  It helps to bring HOPE to the world, through the content of those creating it.  The content relates to health, science, culture, business, entertainment, international relations and much more.  GNP is for the entire family and the world at large.  It is multi-cultural, non-sectarian, non-political and, also, reflects niche community interests.  GNP publishes and syndicates content on-line, on-air and in print.  Our main sites are, and

GNP is an ideal media partner/sponsor/advertiser for corporations and non-profits that are seeking to promote goodwill/awareness and SALES for their products, brands, or services.  In essence, GNP is a portal with similar technology like YouTube ( and, building a  social network like My Space/Facebook/Twitter ( and, developing Shop Good News like EBay, future service provider like EHarmony/Einsurance, programmer for cellular/wireless ( and, content creator  in foreign languages (, a wire service,  newsletters,  print, and is working on movies for world wide release.     We take user generated contributions on the basis of branded editorial guidelines: We add some production value, and consequently, obtain license, in part or in whole, to the performance rights, distribution and promotion of that content.

GNP has been built with the potential of becoming the next CNN/CBS.  The difference is focus- ours is only Good News and Good Solutions.  In fact, Ted Turner was one of the first patrons of our not-for-profit arm.   The world is in need of a station that has only Good News and a positive outlook.  “All we are is what we are for each other” is our motto.  Up-Beat instead of Beat UP!  GNP is a media that is optimistic about the people of the world and, with your funding; we can share this reality with billions.  Most of the world is at Peace.  Just a handful of small men and women who can’t communicate with words usually make the front page.  Our front page and prime time programming are those men, women and children who communicate or just live peacefully.

MBC has built a solid 26-year business foundation, through their award winning full service multi-cultural and niche marketing/advertising company which grew into GNP.  In fact, GNP created one of America first GREEN TV STUDIOS in Brooklyn, NY cultural district. .   It is ready to share its content with other media, create a GNP wire service, Good News Movies (scripts created), GNP book series(concept created), and to use our content for new digital media (i.e. cellular, widgets and more).  GNP, with its, has the potential of becoming the world’s humanitarian, user -generated website.  Our BRAND is built.

GNP  has trademarked its happy face logo.  It has arms and legs and creates a positive, happy image for the company.  The company car, a 1975 VW Bug Convertible, is a remote studio and has the logo on its doors.  We would like to have thousands of such cars throughout the world so people can share their Good News with us on location “LIVE” and at events. Our BRAND is strong and so is our financial potential.

The WEB is booming and all statistics show the growth to be significant.  “The video ad market, which is expected to nearly double from last year to $775 million, has been projected to grow to $4.3 billion by 2011, according to eMarketer, a research firm.” (NY Times 8/22/07)  GNB has been a leader in creating streaming media not only in English but in foreign languages as well.  It has a World View and this means financial profit from many countries and with many revenue streams.  GNP already has over 1,000 corporations and non- profits represented on its website with specific interviews of their Good News.

GNP content is available 24-hours per day, every day, 365 days per year, on demand, via the internet.  We create LIVE shows.  “The Water Hour” weekly LIVE show has been a great hit.  Contributors include former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jay Z, Bobby Kennedy’s WaterKeepers, etc.  GNB’s exclusively owned current storyarchive contains over 5,000audio, videoand text stories.  Most of these stories are indexed by major search engines within four weeks.  We are the leading streaming Good News website in the world.  GNB’s Good News Planet broadcasts the news in foreign languages.  Stories have featured Michael Douglas, Ted Danson, Ted Turner, Deepak Chopra, Patch Adams, Mitch Album, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Tiki Barber, Isabelle Rossellini, Percy Heath, Kathleen Turner, Les Paul, Tony Bennet, Ugly Betty, Pete Seeger, Danny Devito,  Ben Vereen, Bono, Harvey McKay, Chuck Close plus thousands of authors, corporations and not-for-profits.  We have, also, done stories on the UN Peace Day, Aids, Earth and Water Day Concerts, Campus 07 in the Canary Islands, Hurricane Katrina,Woodstock, HAIR, etc.  GNP has globally recognized Content Partners such as Chicken Soup for the Soul and The National Arts Club.

A niche but highly influential content community with excellent brand equity, GNP has only promoted itself to the people and organizations who have contributed stories to the site. GNP will focus on people and organizations that we have already interviewed to make them Partners along with their communities.  These together represent over 100M people.  Currently, 125K unique visitors from thisaudience visit our website monthly.  They generate 1M hits to the front page each month, based on the old website.  New analytics are being created with our new State of the Art website.  Over 50 major PR agencies seek our audience.  We do not have to do anything to get content.  Content comes to us.  We have grown organically, as everyone who we interview informs their community and creates linkages back to us, we need to build on this opportunity with those we interview. We have developed unprecedented, long- term relationships with those interviewed – our parties show it!   Our site on You Tube, a special Content Partner, is growing exponentially with an audience of several thousand from the general populace.


There are many media outlets that have INDIVIDUAL programming type of life- affirming, thought-provoking Good News, entertainment and events as we do.  OUR UNIQUE SELLING POSITION IS THAT WE, GNP, WERE CREATED TO BE THE HOME FOR EVERYONE’S GOOD NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS.  GNP IS THE AGGREGATOR AND HUMANITARIAN PORTAL IN ENGLISH AND NATIVE LANGUAGES (Good News Planet). 




Our GOOD NEWS BRAND is the home for those doing good and creating Good News programming.  For example, we have Oprah’s chef, cook, boyfriend, niece, doctor and many more working with her on Good News.

Some Good News shows that would fit into a content channel which we will consider partnering with are; Good News Network (mostly prin t and we owned the name and gave it them for free)), Happy News (aggregator of print/video Good News), (bloggers), Darin Kagan (Former producer CNN, important to realize is that already GNP has Brokaw, Cronkite, Couric, Lauer, Williams, Roker, Evans, Osgood, Moyers and more on Good News and we will go back to them to create Good News Programming).  There are many shows that we will bring on, series like Father Knows Best, CBS Sunday morning, Art Linkletter, Bill Cosby, Everybody Love Raymond, Dancing with the Stars, All in the Family and movies.

GNP is one of the first to see the need to aggregate and `produce positive content and is doing it.