New Year, New You: January Detox


Event Description
Are you ready to say YES to a healthier you? Please join Amy Salman, Wellness Expert, on Tuesday, January 12th @ Rockefeller University from 6-8pm to learn more about our New Year’s detox program! We will begin with a light relaxation and meditation session with yoga guru, Pia Luchini, then Amy Salman & Lauren Gould will discuss the importance of reducing toxic foods and chemicals from your life. By fueling yourself with essential nutrients, you will start to experience exciting changes in your body and have the willpower to make better choices, feel more energized and reduce cravings. All you need to do is say YES & join us on January 12th. Healthy refreshments and snacks will be served courtesy of Juice Plus+ and Bite Me Naturals.

Please register on eventbrite for your FREE ticket & to reserve your spot! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Healthy refreshments and snacks will be served courtesy of Juice Plus+ and Bite Me Naturals.

To your good health,
Transform30 is a program designed to eliminate toxins in your body. Toxins prevent your body from releasing fat (long term). T30 is NOT a quick fad diet, but a lifestyle change teaching you how your body reacts to certain foods. It is a 30 day KICK-START to healthier living.

In addition to our customer guide with recipes, shopping guide, meal plan, measurement tracker sheets, etc., the program also includes a daily regimen of Juice Plus capsules and the Complete shake (either one or two a day). After 30 days, it’s up to you how you want to continue, but you will have a 90 day supply of the capsules to continue as part of the maintenance plan.

You will also be added (if you want) to our VIBRANT private Facebook forum where others are on this journey as well. It’s a great place for each of us to support and encourage one another and celebrate our successes. We also share recipes and healthy tips.

You can review the program here, which is our online “brochure.” The Program is about $4-6/day depending on if you order the Complete Shake/Capsules/Bars or any combination. You drink 1-2 delicious no-brainer shakes a day, which you can have “on-the-go” or mix-up with extra goodies in a blender for more calories and fullness if you desire. Also you replace your vitamin regime – in case you have one – with safe, effective and clinically proven WHOLE FOOD capsules. This way you are flooding your body with WAY over 50 plants every day and that is a game changer as you can imagine! We also encourage and support additional lifestyle steps to improve your overall results; you can choose one or all of them…depending on how quickly you want results. The two I most highly recommend (and do) are reducing/eliminating dairy and gluten in your diet due to the extreme inflammation it creates in our bodies…but you get to choose and I will support you.

There is no fee for the program and support; you pay for your own whole food concentrated products though. (OPTIONAL: I also offer TWO coaching sessions your first month if you wish to take advantage of those.)

Dr. Mitra Ray, world-renowned Biochemist, is the Founder of Transform30 and the brain behind how/why this works – especially long-term. This is not just about weight-loss…it is SO much more than that on SO many levels of health. Here is a brief video that goes into the program a bit further and will help answer more detailed questions.

How does that sound to you? I can help you get your orders placed so you can start experiencing the benefits you want as well. I attached the pricing form so you can see your options.