Our Corp. Outreach

Good News Foundation 501 C3 relies on support from the community, as well as our company, to help interns connect and learn about media. These interns will become the next generation of production people, over the years we have helped over 300. Your funds will also go to humanitarian projects that we do. Go to: GoodNewsPlanet.com/corporate-outreach/our-corporate-outreach/ to read more. Help keep this venue available and support the spirit – Thank you!

Our Philanthropic Organization: Good News Corporation, 501c3

Good News Corporation, 501c3, the philanthropic arm of Milestone Broadcast Corporation, is an award-winning organization helping philanthropic publishers, corporate citizens and media professionals enrich lives worldwide through the power of positively reported news, entertainment and events.Good News Corporation is an inclusive, human-interest media organization accepting general audience content based on positively enriching lives around the World without preference for any race or creed. Today and forever, the organization is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit 501-C-3, unaffiliated with any political or religious group.By helping us you are helping our intern program and all of our humanitarian efforts.
Suggested Family membership is $50.00 individual $30.00 and Corporate $500.00.

How We Have Served

Our strategy is to enable a World that communicates by delivering positive, global human stories through the most up-to-date and cost-effective content delivery technologies and media channels available. This is made possible through a 501c3 organization funded and supported by institutional media organizations, technology companies, advertisers and private donors worldwide.

By leveraging 20 years of multicultural, and niche marketing experience, we can organize and connect media professionals from all backgrounds, cultures, and businesses, without preference to any ideology, religion, or political background, to introduce communications technologies and publications bringng the benefit of economic, health and educational opportunities to audiences from every corner of the Earth.

Through Good News Corporation, hundreds of media industry, philanthropists, executives, civic leaders, students, theologians, writers, performers and technologists have been able to make a positive contribution to society via media.

Past accomplishments include:

  • Concerts, events and partnerships to raise money for disaster relief;
  • Providing accredited educational and career opportunities in media production for scores of college aged students;
  • Providing valuable health education resources to the neediest;
  • Bringing communications skills and technologies to closed or needy societies;
  • Bringing media production, distribution and fund-raising resources to needy organizations;
  • Helping corporations and nations build positive social equity for their brands;
  • Showcasing content and performances from many cultures and countries;
  • Promoting commercial investment from government and non-government organizations;
  • Producing a searchable online publication featuring hundreds of positive audio and video interviews with people and celebs who are making a difference.

Our Legacy

Good News Corporation is helping people welcome media and communications back into their lives with understanding and a feeling of empowerment. It is becoming a beacon or brand for the tremendous good that media can inspire throughout all communities.

We hope to leave a legacy that “Doing Good Through Media is Good Business”. This provides an incentive to private and public organizations to make civic duty in the areas health, career, relief and education a part of their media communications strategies.

We request you join us in the next great philanthropic and creative news media challenge: Up-Beat, Not Beat-up; Problem-solving, not problem-finding news coverage.


Dear Mr. Sladkus,

The interns from Media 4 Humanity want to extend a warm thank you for coming to speak with us last week! We loved how you were genuinely interested in us, and what we are passionate about. You were very easy to talk to, and we can all learn a lot from your experience and positive outlook on the world. We very much admire your work and now all are huge fans of Good News! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your stories and wisdom with us. We really enjoyed meeting you, and we look forward to seeing more great broadcasts on your website!

The Media 4 Humanity Summer 2009 interns July 2, 2009

Dear Good News Broadcast,I am glad you were inspired to create such a happy positive news and awareness site on line. I am a teacher and have been disgusted with the News For You paper I get for class and have even declined to use the local paper for all the negative based articles.Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your creation.
The world is so much more beautiful when we look at the real news.
Regards, Constance McCall

Nvember 10, 2009
GNB – fyi….information about Robin Hood’s event is on Good News Broadcast’s homepage, www.goodnewsbroadcast.com. see you tonight!

Marianne Macrae Robin Hood Foundation: That’s great! Thank you! We are SOLD out! This must have helped!

August 4, 2010

Good afternoon!

I LOVE your site; I pass your articles around to my co-workers on days where
we just can’t handle the stress, and Good News Broadcast is the perfect
opportunity to sit back and smile!

As a hobby, I’m a regular writer, and have contributed to multiple websites
reporting on local events and readers’ interests. I would be honored to
contribute to the Good News Broadcast! I understand this is a small company,
and branching out is a key opportunity to get the good news out to your
audience. If you are interested in what I may be able to offer, please don’t
hesitate to contact me!

Sarah Shields
Prince George’s County, Maryland

Curious and Creative in the District of Columbia

~ Make Happiness a Habit ~



Dear Paul,

Best wishes from you fan in CA. to promote Good News for the benefits of Humanity.
It is SUPER!!!!!!!!!to have friend like you who are helping so many people in need.
Laughaway continues its mission to make peoiple LAUGH!!!!!!!LAUGH!!!!!!!!LAUGH!!!!!!
LOve and LAUGH in life NOW!!!!!!!!!