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Public Service Programs and Media Resources

Our Programs and Media Resources nurture and assist a community of Media Professionals and advertisers seeking to enrich lives around the World through the good things that Institutional Media can offer. As such, Good News Corporation (GNC) has become an international place of record and resources for organizations and individuals seeking to make a positive impact on the World through media.

We walk the talk! We offer publications, media resources and technology, student programs, membership programs, media assistance for needy organizations, and networking opportunities for media professionals. We deliver content, events, awards, publicity and research all focused on people and organizations doing good for the World through institutional media.

By leveraging our expertise, brand goodwill and network of positive-thinking movers and shakers, we serve the needy and build positive perceptions for all kinds of brands. We inspire corporate citizenship, philanthropy and good will by giving organizations a media outlet to promote their civic activities.This is accomplished purely by delivering news, entertainment, events, professional development and civic outreach programs all based on the good, life-affirming things people are doing around the World every day.

Our Programming Credo:

The following credo governs how we develop and nurture programs at Good News Corporation

  1. Help us teach generations how to compare and understand global media;
    So that they may find truth…
  2. Help us bring communications tools to the farthest corners of the Earth;
    So that the smallest of us will be heard…
  3. Help us teach the next generation how to communicate;
    So that we may finally understand one another

Good News Broadcast

Good News Broadcast is an award-winning multimedia lifestyle publication owned and operated by Milestone Broadcast Corporation.

To ensure the effectiveness of Good News Corporation, 501c3, Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC) has made a generous commitment to distribute Good News Corporation, 501c3, content through the Good News Broadcast Media Brand.

Good News Broadcast reaches a regular audience of influential people by distributing life-affirming stories, from every race, religion or nation, about people overcoming obstacles through a positive, international media dialogue. This publication proves that people can make a huge difference by leveraging media to solve problems in a positive, humanistic way.

The Good News Broadcast website, delivering video, audio and text content. It is powered throughXstream Broadcasting Networks, and receives over 2 million hits per month generated by 70,000 regular viewers. The number of visitors grows every month.

MBC has yet to launch a traditional advertising effort to promote the site. The numbers are gained purely by search technologies, viral marketing and word-of-mouth recommendations from viewers.

MBC’s syndicated print, cable and alternative media content distribution has garnered a circulation of 535,000 in New York State. Our streaming media and audio content is available on-demand. Our proprietary technology and links to over 3,000 websites brings our content to the forefront of major web search engines.

MBC’s original content is drawn from world events and press agencies as well as from contributions and interviews with thousands of people. Over 40 news and PR agencies are placing content on our publications, which gives Good News Broadcast the same access to the star power that you see on publications and shows like Oprah Winfrey’s broadcast and the morning talk shows. Unlike regular TV or radio, Good News Broadcast’s audio and video stories are available at all times; on demand and searchable through most major search applications.

The publication’s editorial direction is simple:Create a constructive dialogue. That means we discourage contributors from disparaging other points of view, or from saying that their way is theonlyor the best way. We do not sponsor or endorse any religions, although religious organizations are free to contribute their story. As a rule, we do not promote or endorse any political party, rhetoric or ideology.

Some of the positive 2,500 guests and contributors featured on Good News Broadcast include: Judy Menikoff, Helen Gurley Brown, Michael Douglas, Jo Luck, Professor Mohammad Yunus, Tony Bennett, Yoko Ono, John Gray, Vartan Gregorian, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Mary McCormick, Les Paul, Robert Goodwin, Leeza Gibbons, Deepak Chopra, Steve Forbes, Marisa Tomei, Francis Burnes III, Ted Turner, Olympia Dukakis, Bono, Julie Taymor and more… each sharing stories about how people are overcoming obstacles to do good.

Good News Horizons Program: Funding Goal $500,000

Frequently, small philanthropic organizations do not have the resources or expertise to leverage new opportunities in media. The new media revolution is enabling all kinds of cost-effective options for organizations and people to make their voices heard through video and audio.

With the help of matching grants from a sponsoring organization, the Horizons Program supplies production and distribution technologies, as well as professional resources that help needy organizations develop vital communications and fund-raising tools.

Good News Visions Program: Funding Goal $250,000

Helping students learn to understand and use media resources is vital toward developing the next generation of mainstream media.

The Visions program is a program that helps students earn credit toward graduation and vital training for their careers by giving them the opportunity to work in a real news publishing environment. Students learn office skills and maturity while getting the chance to find, write, produce and distribute a news story.

In the meantime, they are exposed to constructive, well-known role models who are making a positive impact on the Word. Over the last seven years, over 300 students have earned credit and valuable career skill through the Visions program.

Good News Broadcast Business and Professional Life Series: Funding Goal $250,000

The Business and Professional life series is designed to encourage for-profit corporations to develop and promote their civic outreach and Good Corporate Citizenship programs. We demonstrate that doing good is good business.

The purpose of the program is to provide a media outlet that provides a justification for corporations to include civic outreach and philanthropy in their growth strategies. The result is that these companies build goodwill for their brands while contributing to the welfare of their communities and business environment.

Good News Broadcast Events and Entertainment: Funding Goal $350,000

By organizing events and sponsors, we are able to bring organizations together to in order to raise funds for a charitable cause.

Our vast network of extremely talented performers, producers, location and equipment suppliers provide a fast and effective means for organizations to use event formats to help to the needy.


Good News Corporation Media Research: Funding Goal $75,000

Are moms and dads ready to throw their television out of the house? Are young people disillusioned and mistrustful of mainstream communications? Are people shutting our mainstream media preferring to create their own content communities? Is regional media harming international relations? Can mainstream media become a tool for constructive international dialogue? Will it be welcome in the lives of the next generation? How do people define good corporate citizenship from content providers and distributors?

Good News Corporation is developing a research program to take the annual pulse of people’s attitudes toward mainstream media. The research will give advertisers, governments, and content providers a valuable tool to plan their media strategy for the future.

Photo: FEMA

Good News Letter and Member Services: Funding Goal $150,000

Good News Corporation holds regular networking opportunities throughout the year to help media professionals collaborate in an informal setting. We are holding seminars and speaking oppotunities for media professionals who become members in Good News Corporation.

Our current newsletter goes out to 5,000 readers who have opted into our mailing list and is delivered via email, once per month. The newsletter gives readers a first hand look at upcoming events and programs and offers ways for members to participate.

How We Have Served

Accomplishments for 2005 include:

  • Concerts, events and partnerships to raise money for disaster relief;
  • Providing accredited educational and career opportunities in media production for scores of college aged students;
  • Providing valuable health education resources to the neediest;
  • Bringing communications skills and technologies to closed or needy societies;
  • Bringing media production, distribution and fund-raising resources to needy organizations;
  • Helping corporations and nations build positive social equity for their brands;
  • Showcasing content and performances from many cultures and countries;
  • Promoting commercial investment from government and non-government organizations;
  • Producing a searchable online publication featuring hundreds of positive audio and video interviews with people and celebs who are making a difference.

We invite you to participate in some of our wonderful and vitally important public service programs and media resources.