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I have returned to New York following a month in London where The Telling Company helped to produce the UK premiere of Stalking The Bogeyman. Many of you attended the off-Broadway premiere in September of 2014 and know first hand the power of this staged performance. Hence, the critical acclaim it received.

In London the praise continued and I am delighted to report that in addition to the rave reviews, Stalking the Bogeyman has been nominated for three Offie Awards.


It has been an honor to work directly with David Holthouse whose story this is. He courageously allowed us to tell the world how he was violently raped at seven years old by his teenage neighbor and how he turned revenge intro retribution through writing. By doing so he has taken the subject of sexual abuse, often kept secret, to the forefront so we can raise awareness and propel change and hope for victims.

The success of Stalking the Bogeyman was largely due to the brilliant direction of Markus Potter, and a talented and dedicated cast. Our UK producer, David Adkin led the way and left no stone un-turned bringing this to the stage.

This is why I started The Telling Company and why I am forever grateful for the support you provide so that I can do this important work. We are growing rapidly, but carefully and strategically, and already working to co-produce a new piece about gun control, Church & State, which just received stunning reviews in a LA production.

We are not at a loss for important social issues and continue to experience how art can help heal, help us learn and help us share human experiences.

Help us continue to do this important work.


I hope you are having a wonderful summer.
With gratitude,

Gayle Waxenberg
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