Turning Kitchen Zeroes into Kitchen Heroes Just in Time For Football Season!

Many women feel the sting of neglect each September as they lose their men to the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. To help ease the transition into football season this fall, The Food Network’s host of Good Deal, hot young chef Dave Lieberman suggests men crack a cook book instead of a fantasy football magazine. Lieberman will show men some great recipes helping them hone their skills in the kitchen this autumn and win back their football widow. While Monday night might be reserved for the game, even die hard football fans have Tuesday night free. Make up for your Monday night dalliance with the boys by preparing a special date-night menu on non-football evenings. Furthermore, Monday nights need not be for guys only, play host and invite the girls, help them feel included by preparing easy, non-traditional party snacks that appeal to both men and women. Lieberman speaks up on best date night recipes and classic party dishes and gives the real deal on how to put out a mouth-watering spread and be a great host at the same time: * Keep it simple. While trying to impress don’t get in over your head. Avoid any recipes that involve varied cooking methods or loads of ingredients. Focus on fresh ingredients and as few steps as possible. * Hold court in the kitchen instead of on the sofa Make your kitchen a tool that works for you while you do the work. Welcome your girl or your guests into the kitchen while you prepare your feast. A well designed kitchen accommodates entertaining as well as cooking. * Don’t be afraid to experiment If you’re nervous about your menu keep some old standbys handy just in case, but don’t forgo the challenge out of fear. Lieberman also talks about the “King of the Kitchen” contest where wives, girlfriends, or even the guys themselves can tell Dave why they deserve to be crowned “King of the Kitchen” and receive a full suite of Frigidaire Appliances. Visit http://www.newkingofthekitchen.com www.newkingofthekitchen.com for more information. More about Chef Dave Lieberman: Chef Dave Lieberman is the host of The Food Network’s Good Deal, and Eat This a weekly web show airing on foodnetwork.com. He is the author of the cookbook Young and Hungry and is a private chef to individual and corporate clients. He has been named one of People Magazine’s 50 Hottest Bachelors. Originally from Philadelphia, Dave now lives in Los Angeles. http://cvista.global.synccast.com/cvista/goodnews/2007/10-Oct/dave_lieberman/dave_lieberman.wmv