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    Sir Ivan and Paul Sladkus Speaks About Anti-Bullying…

    "Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye" is the most important song I've ever released, because the subject is a matter of life or death. The fact is, bullied teens often commit suicide. That's why iconic pop singer Taylor Dayne and legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold have both joined me in this special project. All net proceeds from video views, song streams and downloads of "Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye" will go to anti-bullying charities. Peace and Love, Sir Ivan Recording Artist Sir … [Read More...]

    Chip, Implanted in Brain, Helps Paralyzed Man Regain Control of Hand

    The New York Times Five years ago, a college freshman named Ian Burkhart dived into a wave at a beach off the Outer Banks in North Carolina and, in a freakish accident, broke his neck on the sandy floor, permanently losing the feeling in his hands and legs. On Wednesday, doctors reported that Mr. Burkhart, 24, had regained control over his right hand and fingers, using technology that transmits his thoughts directly to his hand muscles and bypasses his spinal injury. The doctors’ study, … [Read More...]

    Invitation to Red Carpet Pre-Thanksgiving Event at Trump Tower, Nov.19, 2013

    Our hearts goes to the people affected by the horrible Typhoon in the Philippines. As always we are always helping in every calamities that is happening in the world. So I want to thank all of you for supporting our silent auctions all the time.  So this time we want to ask your help again to donate products and things that people will bid for. And we also need people that will bid and buy so we can donate as much money as we can. this will be for our events on Nov. 19, and Dec. 06, at … [Read More...]

    Bahay Aurora, A Children’s Home in the Philippines

    I am a 17-year-old high school student in New Jersey, and I have become involved with a remarkable organization, Bahay Aurora House. During a trip to Asia, my father had introduced me to one of his acquaintances, Herke Smidstra, a Dutch businessman living in the Philippines who has dedicated his life to improving the lives and education of impoverished children in the Philippines.   Through his own initiative and hard work, Herke and his Filipino wife Arleen Smidstra-Santiago, built an … [Read More...]

    Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines

    Rizal Park, also known as Luneta Park or colloquially Luneta, is a historical urban park located in the heart of the city of Manila, Philippines, adjacent to the old walled city of Manila, now Intramuros. Since the Spanish Colonial Era, the park has been a favorite spot for unwinding, socializing, an urban oasis for family picnics on Sundays and holidays. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Manila. Located along Manila Bay, Luneta has been the site of some of the most significant … [Read More...]

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