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    Bahay Aurora, A Children’s Home in the Philippines

    I am a 17-year-old high school student in New Jersey, and I have become involved with a remarkable organization, Bahay Aurora House. During a trip to Asia, my father had introduced me to one of his acquaintances, Herke Smidstra, a Dutch businessman living in the Philippines who has dedicated his life to improving the lives and education of impoverished children in the Philippines.   Through his own initiative and hard work, Herke and his Filipino wife Arleen Smidstra-Santiago, built an … [Read More...]

    Learn Tagalog-English (Taglis) Words & Phrases!!!

    Let us learn Tagalog words & phrases :)   1. Magandang Umaga ~ Good morning 2. Kamusta Po ~ How are you? 3. Maraming Salamat ~ Thank you 4. Masarap ~ Delicious 5. Masipag ~ Hardworking 6. Masaya ~ Happy 7. Kaibigan ~ Friend 8. Bulaklak ~ Flower 9. Tahanan ~ Home Watch & Learn:) … [Read More...]


    Amanda Network

    At only 16 years old, a junior, in high school, it was on December 11, 2008 when Amanda Suzanne Brownell tried to take her life in a bathroom at Del Mar High School in San Jose, California. This was a result of the bullying, sexual bullying, and cyber bullying she endured through MySpace, Facebook, AIM, and the 3500 text MESSAGES she received the month before her suicide attempt. Amanda, suffered severe brain damage, unable to speak or care for herself. After almost 4 and 1/2 years Amanda … [Read More...]

    SM – Mall of Asia, Philippines

    About MOA More than just a Mall, the SM Mall Of Asia is a tourist destination that has raised the standard of shopping, leisure and entertainment in the Philippines. Mall of Asia "The Biggest and Brightest" Almost four hectares of floor area. 8,000 parking slots. 5,000 square meters allotted for public utility vehicles. 100 slots for tourist buses. Almost one kilometer in length, and a perimeter of almost 2 kilometers. Close to 2 million bags of cement used to build it and 44,000 gallons of … [Read More...]


    Peace Day Party 2014

    [Read More...]

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