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    Amanda Network

    At only 16 years old, a junior, in high school, it was on December 11, 2008 when Amanda Suzanne Brownell tried to take her life in a bathroom at Del Mar High School in San Jose, California. This was a result of the bullying, sexual bullying, and cyber bullying she endured through MySpace, Facebook, AIM, and the 3500 text MESSAGES she received the month before her suicide attempt. Amanda, suffered severe brain damage, unable to speak or care for herself. After almost 4 and 1/2 years Amanda … [Read More...]

    JOB$, JOB$ and JOB$ are Available! JOB$, JOB$ AND JOB$ Are Available! Become a Good News Reporter on: and Make Money for You and the People Your Report on in All Languages of the World Our Initial Focus is: Those Without a Job, Not Making Enough, Students, Disabled, Vets., Non-Profits / NGOs & Small Bus. Important: To Succeed with Getting Money to Those in Need, We Need to World's Public to Watch & Contribute to the Content   11-11-11 Brooklyn, New York. Silent Press … [Read More...]

    Filipino Adobo Fiesta – New York City

    Gawad Kalinga USA invites everyone to join the Adobo Fiesta 2012 which features the 1st Adobo cooking competition at Payag Restaurant in Queens on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012. Actual cooking starts at 10AM while food tasting and Adobo Fiesta lunch starts at 12NN. A fiesta party follows at 1PM with guests Consul General Mario De Leon, Kirby Asunto, and many more. At the Adobo tasting, you get to vote for the best tasting Adobo through the People's Choice Award. Professional international chefs from … [Read More...]

    Early Wintery Snow In New York City

    Let It Snow... In October? New Yorkers are surprised by the early arrival of winter during the week that coincides with the Halloween weekend. Instead of accessorizing in witches, ghouls, and monster costumes, people are wearing their winter coats, hats,  earmuffs, and boots. An idea for dressing up could be a snow angel or Jack Frost! Trick or Treat, Winter's here with Ice and Sleet! Early Wintertime in New York City  … [Read More...]

    8th Annual Planet Heart Celebration in NYC – April 24th, 2014- Gary Null to be Guest Speaker

    COME CELEBRATE!! GOOD NEWS PLANET WILL BE BROADCASTING AND MODERATOR OF THE  WORLD PEACE PANEL  THURSDAY - APRIL 24TH, 2014  Subud Chelsea Center 230 West 29th Street, New York City  4:00 pm to 11:00 pm Seating Limited! To Register Call: 212-222-5432 "Once a year we gather in friendship, love and light to celebrate   the rare gift of this glorious Planet Earth.  With wisdom, inspiration and gratitude we invite you   to join us for this Annual … [Read More...]

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