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    Puerto Princesa – Philippines

    Puerto Princesa (Filipino: Lungsod ng Puerto Princesa) is a city located in the western provincial island of Palawan, one of 80 provinces which make up the Philippines. Though the provincial seat of government for Palawan, the city itself is one of 38 independent cities within the Philippines not controlled by the province in which it is geographically located and is therefore an independent area located within Palawan. History Folk etymology attributes the name "Puerto Princesa" to a … [Read More...]


    Amanda Network

    At only 16 years old, a junior, in high school, it was on December 11, 2008 when Amanda Suzanne Brownell tried to take her life in a bathroom at Del Mar High School in San Jose, California. This was a result of the bullying, sexual bullying, and cyber bullying she endured through MySpace, Facebook, AIM, and the 3500 text MESSAGES she received the month before her suicide attempt. Amanda, suffered severe brain damage, unable to speak or care for herself. After almost 4 and 1/2 years Amanda … [Read More...]


    Happy Thanksgiving and Peace from Good News Planet

    Dear Friends, Thanksgiving will soon be here. As I watched my grandson's second grade class perform their; up-lifting, life affirming, positive Thanksgiving Holiday Show they reminded me how fortunate and thankful I am. So I share this true spirit of Thanksgiving with you. I and the team wish you Health, Happiness and PEACE each and every day... let's all “Pay it forward.” Paul and Good News Team. Please take 4.46 minutes to watch our PEACE SIZZLE REEL which we all created … [Read More...]



    20,200 SOLAR LIGHT BULBS HAVE LIFTED TYPHOON VICTIMS OUT OF DARKNESS THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED-- OUR CONSUMERS AND FANBASE WORLDWIDE, OUR NGO AND BUSINESS PARTNERS, OUR DISTIRBUTION VOLUNTEERS, AND OUR DEDICATED GLOBAL STAFF With the help of our NGO and business partners, Nokero has sent 20,200 solar lights to the Philippines. Solar lights provide hours of light at night, and they are more affordable than alternative light sources. As disaster relief efforts continue, Nokero is also … [Read More...]

    Early Wintery Snow In New York City

    Let It Snow... In October? New Yorkers are surprised by the early arrival of winter during the week that coincides with the Halloween weekend. Instead of accessorizing in witches, ghouls, and monster costumes, people are wearing their winter coats, hats,  earmuffs, and boots. An idea for dressing up could be a snow angel or Jack Frost! Trick or Treat, Winter's here with Ice and Sleet! Early Wintertime in New York City  … [Read More...]

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