About Peace Day Party


  • Thank you for taking a look at our Times Square World Peace Day Party Celebration in celebration of the UN International Day of Peace: Education for Children and Grandchildren, for September 21, 2013. We are strengthening the UN Education for Peace message stated by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 100-day countdown message for the International Day of Peace.“It is not enough to teach children how to read, write and count. Education has to cultivate mutual respect for others and the world in which we live, and help people forge more just, inclusive and peaceful societies… We must support peace education programmes, protect students and teachers from conflict, help rebuild schools destroyed by war, and ensure all girls and boys have access to a quality education that includes learning about resolving and preventing conflicts.
  • We can do this. The day has been approved by all the countries of the UN, and we are meeting with them, so let’s create “REAL”, practical acts of peace and drop the guns and hug your neighbors. We must make this happen especially for our future generations, a GLOBAL TRUE message in the killing fields, the streets, schools, everywhere there is violence.
  • Our events celebrate UN Peace Day, but are not officially sanctioned by the UN, we did not request it.
  • Please join our outreach to get everyone in the world to be part of the Peace Day Party: Education for Children and Grandchildren. We want to create a Global Consciousness for Peace, especially at 12 noon est on September 21. Peace is here, WAR IS OVER, let’s celebrate no matter where we are and take a moment to THINK PEACE, ACT PEACEFUL and DO PEACEFUL ACTS. Please sign up  PeaceDayParty.org/join-us-for-peaceand you, your country, your organization will be mentioned on our site under communities. Let’s save some lives together. All we are is what we are for each other. Good News Motto.
Paul Sladkus – Good News Corporation, 501 C 3 Nonprofit Founder & President. Producer Peace Day Party
Robert R. Bisaccia – RRB Enterprises Inc., President. Producer Peace Day Party
Paul Sladkus – Good News Corporation, 501 C 3 Nonprofit Founder & President. Producer Peace Day Party
Robert R. Bisaccia – RRB Enterprises Inc., President. Producer Peace Day Party
Peace Day Party

SHOW:  PEACE DAY PARTY. Education for Children & Grandchildren. LIVE Half hour WORLD TV/Radio/Digital Broadcast. September 21, 2013.  

LOCATION AND TIME:  Times Square, Duffy Park (46th and Broadway) at THE CROSSROADS OF THE WORLD and broadcast to the world via TV/Radio, WEB, Cell, Digital, 12 noon to 1PM.  Participants need to be there at 11AM and need to email paul.sladkus@goodnewsbroadcast.com with names.  Original broadcast will be given free to the world.

BROADCAST:  Any TV/Radio station that wants to broadcast the program needs to email paul.sladkus@goodnewsbroadcast.com. Stations will be given rights to broadcast the live event and the satellite information.  

CONCEPT: Celebration of the International Day of Peace as declared by the United Nations.  We will strengthen the Education for Peace Message through Children and Grandchildren, throughout the world, www.peacedayparty.org.  We will create a PEACE SIGN WITH PARTICIPATORS IN TIMES SQUARE.  This group will perform various Children’s Peace songs, a group sing-a-long, holding the flags of the World and Hugg-A Planets representing everyone. Integral to the event is organizations/sponsors sharing what they are doing to Educate Children.  

PERFORMING:  Invited participants; the Broadway community, PEACE celebrities & entertainers, dignitaries from all fields, good news members and corporations/nonprofit organization/sponsors representing the people of the world.   

STAGING:  Small stage set with a Big Peace Sign made of  Balloons that say Peace Day Party: Education for Children & Grandchildren  and all those participating in the event.  Complete Audio, Video, Crain.  Bubbles throughout the event will be shared.  

MUSIC:  Sound track backup for the songs.  On the Broadcast TV screen and digital billboards in Times Square TBD will be the words on a crawl so the whole world can sing.  We also will have a sign language person on the stage. 

HISTORY:  Good News Corporation, a 501 C 3 nonprofit has been broadcasting and hosting the celebration for International Peace Day in Central park since 2002. We have produced and featured over 1,000 Peace related stories.  Last year we created a moment of peace and song in Times Square and Clear Channel and Earthcam broadcast and promoted it. We are former CBS, PBS and Independent Production Team.  This year we expect a more major event with world coverage.