Pigeon in the backyard, and a cat? and an egg. Circle of Life…Click here for video.

Dear Viewers,

After 30+ years living in my apartment another never seen before act of nature has occurred. As I looked out into my backyard, I see lots of white feathers. After looking more closely I see an egg, that I thought was a rock from my Zen Garden. No, it was an egg, hidden by all the feathers. I was going to clean the feathers off the moss, but have decided to show it to others to see what they think has happened. I thought there was Good News here and that a Pigeon Baby was born in my backyard and it was a blessing. Sean and Elisee, thought that what happened was that a cat came down and fought with the Pigeon and maybe even ate the egg, yikes. They both have cats so this came to their mind. I guess everyone will have a thought, I will be asking some more people what they think. Please share your thoughts.

Whatever happened I pray that the story has a happy ending, because I like Happy Endings, but as we know as we grow up that what might be good for one, might not be good for another. However, in most cases the adage that we are all in this together is most real, doing the best we can, especially for who we are. Plus nature is a cycle, the CIRCLE OF LIFE says the Lion King… forward motion…
Reverend Paul