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UV Angel Announces Manufacturing Services Agreement with Corning for the Design Prototyping and Assembly of UV Angel Clean Air technology UV Angel Sep 15, 2020, 14:35 ET GRAND HAVEN, Mich., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- UV Angel, a leader in pathogen control technology, today announced the manufacturing ramp up of its UV Angel Clean Air product line that neutralizes airborne pathogens. UV Angel is working with Corning Incorporated to scale the supply for these clean air products. UV Angel Clean Air technology was initially designed to address healthcare associated infections (HAIs) by neutralizing airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi in medical, dental, and other clinical environments. The COVID-19 pandemic, driven by SARS-CoV-2 virus, has accelerated deployment to include retail spaces, restaurants, commercial real estate, schools, hotels, and other industries. CDC indicates it will take many different modalities to control the spread of this virus. "We believe our patented ultraviolet (UV-C) light air treatment technology is a game-changer in the fight against infectious diseases," said Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Angel. "Our design and engineering expertise together with Corning's manufacturing capabilities enables UV Angel to rapidly produce clean air products to meet the fast-growing market demand." We are pleased to support UV Angel to scale a technology that could help in the world's fight against this pandemic." UV Angel, a leader in pathogen control technology, designs and manufactures UV-C light air treatment technology. With a modern integrated design, UV Angel Clean Air combines standard in-ceiling lighting with a proprietary UV-C air treatment center. Air is pulled into the sealed high-intensity UV-C chamber that neutralizes and eliminates up to 99.99% of pathogens in the room or space where contamination occurs. The clean, treated air is then returned to the room. UV Angel Clean Air can be used while rooms and areas are occupied. UV Angel products come with a robust data platform that provides users the ability to track key performance indicators, access invaluable treatment data and make well-informed decisions. About UV Angel UV Angel is a leading pathogen control technology company creating truly innovative life- changing technologies to make the world a safer place. UV Angel applies years of advanced research and develop. Leonard Atlas Bio On March 9, 2020, when my client’s Wall Street offices were quarantined and I was not permitted into the building, I knew that my life and business were about to change. A few days later when my daughters’ high school and college both closed, as a concerned parent, I started to investigate what it would take to help these buildings reopen safely. Here we are one year later and most facility executives still don’t know what to do to protect their occupants from indoor shared-air Covid transmission. People are scared to breath shared indoor air and so far, the clear market leader hasn’t been identified yet, but that’s changing as we speak! Born in New York and raised in the family floral decorating business, NYC holds a very dear spot in my heart, especially Gramercy Park, although in 1993 a 2-week business trip to Sydney, Australia turned into 6-months living in Sydney and changed me forever and I have been living in Los Angeles ever since. Having been an author, speaker and global sales development trainer for 25 years, and working mainly with commercial real estate giants, insurance and financial services, HVAC and deregulated energy industries, I knew it was only a matter of time that the calls and emails would be coming in to join the new Covid-Economy. As the first calls started to come in and not coming from a scientific background, I had lots of education to catch up on and not much time to do it in, so I assembled a team of experienced chemical, technical and engineering experts. They taught me about all the potential harmful side-effects from the name brands and the lesser known commercial & industrial brands. Some are toxic, caustic, combustible, flammable, and some just are so ineffective that they don’t help clean, kill, sanitize or disinfect anything. Together we came up with our 8-step criteria to determine if a solution is human safe, effective and affordable and now we are gaining popularity for sharing that information globally. Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions, LLC. was formed initially to help my kids’ schools reopen safely, but now we have extended to working globally. Armed with a thorough understanding of the disinfecting, sanitizing and pathogen reduction industries, Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions became a global distributor of UV Angel, as they were the only company that met all of our criteria; they add nothing new into the air, they function 24x7 for maximum protection and have a decade of experience working to combat Hospital Acquired Infections along with five third party peer-reviewed studies to back up their claims. We are here to help educate, advise and protect as many facilities and occupants as possible and look forward to hearing from you if it’s timely and relevant. Stay safe out there. Respectfully, Leonard Atlas Founder, CEO