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    What’s Peace for Sir Paul McCartney

    What Does Peace Mean to You?  Video produced by  www.peaceoneday.org, Jeremy Gilley. Jeremy  helped inspire the UN to revitalize their Peace Day.  September 21 everywhere please create a www.peacedayparty.org,  the Good News: Achieving World Peace September 21 … [Read More...]


    Big Data

    Janrain’s Customer Identity Management Platform Featured in New Book Unlocking the Keys to Successful Enterprise Brand Interaction and Engagement “BIG SOCIAL MOBILE” Reshapes Enterprise-Level Digital Initiatives and Drives Results. David Giannetto comes by the Good News TV Studio and shares his wisdom with Paul Sladkus, Founder of Good News. David knows his stuff! PS PORTLAND, OR, January 22, 2015 – Janrain, the leading provider of Customer Identity Management technology, is featured in … [Read More...]


    Mark Schulman speaks at the CEO Clubs of America and rocks the event

    Why Mark? Mark Schulman speaks at the CEO Clubs of America and rocks the event. Good News shares his motivational expertise with this wonderful video. http://markschulman.com http://www.ceoclubsofamerica.com The workplace is a microcosm of the multicultural world in which we live. The one common denominator among the various cultures, and social and political views is music. It may be the beat, the lyrics, the vocals or a combination of them all that brings diverse people together for common … [Read More...]

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