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    In honor of April as Alcohol Awareness Month, Couple Appreciation Month, Informed Women’s Month, and National STDs Education and Awareness Month, Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS, men’s urologist and expert for more than thirty years, advocates having the right information so you can have the best sex. What do alcohol, STDs, and sex have in common? They are all subjects of questions that are asked every day. And we have the expert to discuss them all. -How damaging can alcohol be to your sex … [Read More...]


    NRI TV FILM CLUB.com launched. Watch NRI movies

    Honorable Shri. Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay, Consul General of India, New York, inaugurated the launch of www.NRITVFILMCLUB.com website in the presence of many prominent people from the Indian community, media and entertainment. The event was held at the Indian Consulate in New York. Mr. Mulay congratulated Tirlok Malik, founder of NRI TV FILM CLUB, by saying It is a wonderful idea. Very much needed. And it will make the bridge between Hollywood and Bollywood by creating NRI-wood.” NRI TV FILM CLUB … [Read More...]


    Mitzi and Frank Perdue…

    Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue Paperback – October 24, 2014 by Mitzi Perdue (Author) After years of hard work and ensuing success, Mitzi Perdue offers unique and poignant insights to leaders and readers around the world through her biography of Frank Perdue, who revolutionized the chicken industry. Frank Perdue did chores as a child so young he needed two hands to hold a single egg. But from these humblest of beginnings, he built an empire that today … [Read More...]

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